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      I’m looking at upgrading the Kenda Havok Sport tires that came on my Raleigh Tokul 3. Has anyone ridden Rocket Ron 2.8s? I would likely be running them tubeless so any feedback on trouble with tubeless setup would be appreciated.

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      I’m running a 2.8 rr on the rear of my current steed, tubeless.  Paired with a nobby nic 2.8 up front, also tubeless.  Absolutely love this combo.  RR’s roll great with solid traction to boot. However, the more aggressive NN on front inspires a lot of cornering confidence for me. I run 18-20 lbs usually.  Lower pressures felt super plush and grippy, but I didn’t like the noticeable increase in rolling resistance.

      I ran f+r rocket rons tubeless on my previous bike.  29er, 2.2.  They also were pretty good to me, but never felt confident on the front in corners.  Granted, I ran relatively high pressures for tubeless at 22lbs

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      For anyone interested, I’ve been running rocket rons on the front and rear of my Raleigh this year. Wrote up my experiences with them here

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