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      I just received my X-firm spring for my Rock Shox Tora TK and the OE spring will not come out. Is there a trick to removing it? I pulled the knob off and the screw on the bottom of the fork and compressed the leg so the spring is poking out of the top, but I gave it a yank and she is stuck in there good. I tried flipping the bike over and lightly tapping the screw in hoping it would release it, but I really do not want to hit it hard and strip the threads on either end or mess anything else up.

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      Never mind, I got it. I grabbed the spring with the vise grip and gave a twist and she popped loose.

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      Rock Shox has excellent online manuals for all their shocks with details on rebuilding – good stuff, the stuff you wish you had read before breaking some tiny piece that you couldn’t see. Totally worth the ten minute investment.

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