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      I have a bike im trying to sell but my fork is holding me back:
      it seems that its getting stuck with about two inches of travel left when i am climbing. i have to lift up on the bike for it to go back to normal travel. ive adjusted the air a few times. is this what an overhaul would fix? or is it messed??? any info would help!

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      Does the fork seem to be losing air pressure? You mentioned adjusting the air. Take a pressure reading and go ride. When you notice the fork losing travel again take another pressure reading. Also check to see if the valve stem core is loose. They make a tool to remove (and tighten) them. A loose core can cause pressure loss. I try to look for the easy fix before I start to throw $$$ at the problem. If all else fails take it to your lbs.

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      just road it around, although its not a trail no pressure loss. It also never did what i mentioned it did. i guess it only happens on long uphills??? weird!

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      Check the rebound setting. I have seen this before when it is set all the way to the slowest rebound.

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