Road trip: Michigan – Florida!

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      Hello all!!

      This summer I have an internship in Ochopee, Florida which is kind of near Naples. I live in Michigan. I will be taking a 2 day road trip down and am thinking I will hit a trail or two on the way. I am curious to know of any "must ride" mountain biking trails in between Michigan and Florida. Let me have ’em!!
      I am looking for technical stuff, no beginner trails or rail trails please.

      More specifically any in the Atlanta Georgia area?? I"m thinking I will spend the night around there, so hitting a trail before heading to the motel would be awesome.

      Also, anyone from Southern Florida that has an opinion on a great trail(s) down there would be awesome.

      Btw, I ride a sinlge speed, rigid 29er….but that shouldn’t really matter. I can handle it!! haha

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      Or really, if anyone has a suggestion on campgrounds in the Atlanta area where I could stay….that’d be awesome as well!

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      I have not ridden these two options but have heard great things about them, are on my need to ride list and you should drive right by them.
      Pinhoti Trail in Dalton, GA … trail.html
      Raccoon Mountain, Chattanooga, TN … trail.html

      Also heard great things about the lodging at Mulberry Gap for mt bikers.

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      Awesome!! thank you brianW!

      Raccoon Mtn looks great, I might stop there.

      but if anyone else has any other great trails, let me know.

      or any in southern Florida!

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      +1 on Raccoon Mt and Pinhoti trails but not all of these trails fit your technical description.

      If you are going to stop in at Raccoon Mt in Chattanooga you will only be about an hour away from three "must ride" technical trails XC in North Ga. Fort Mt (East West loop), Pinhoti (Snake Creek to Dug Gap), and Windy Gap XC loop are all crazy technical fun. You may wish you had gears for these.

      Fort Mt.

      Pinhoti (Snake Creek to Dug Gap)

      Windy Gap XC Loop (3 trails combined for one hell of a ride)

      You could easily camp at Fort Mt state park for relatively quick access to all three of these. Camping at Raccoon is possible as well.

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