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      Hi guys,

      I’m looking for one or two or three mountain bikers to join me on part or all of a mountain biking odyssey in June, July, August. Visiting some or all of the top US MTB destinations including Moab, Park City, Crested Butte, Fruita, Santa Fe, Sedona, Denver, Jackson, Salida and Buffalo Creek. 

      I’m from New Zealand and did a similar but different road trip a couple of years ago. I plan to fly into Denver where I have friends, buy a vehicle there and set off. Life if always more fun (and less expensive!!) with company and none of my friends here can join me…

      We would share travel expenses. I like to travel on the cheap, staying in budget accommodation, sometimes tenting.

      I guess a degree of mountain biking compatibility would be good. I don’t ride extreme trails and I’m not super fast.

      So if you want to join me for even a part of this trip, or know someone who would be interested or if you have ideas, or if you have questions, I’d love to hear from you.

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      I’m not yet retired, so such an undertaking is beyond me.

      However, if you’re looking for someone to ride with in CO, I could probably join a few days.  I’d be happy to provide “budget accommodation” (as in free) if you wanted to base out of Colorado Springs for some period of time.  I’m an hour and a half from Buffalo Creek, 2 hours from Salida, and have a nearly endless supply of outstanding trails right here–better than Denver IMO–some of which can be ridden right from the house.

      From Colorado Springs, its 5 hrs to Fruita, 6 1/2 to Moab, and just under 5 to Santa Fe.

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      Hey John, After reading your post I feel like I’m underway already!! I’d love to spend a few days riding in CO with you! Many thanks for your welcoming attitude!

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      I’m so jealous Jim, and I’m pretty sure everyone else is too. 🙂

      For those who don’t know Jim, he’s one of Singletracks’ most active trail reviewers and is a great guy to work with. He’s not an axe murderer or anything so if anyone is seriously interested, definitely reach out to him.

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      Jim, it’s so cool you are coming to ride the Western/Southwestern US.  It sounds like you are going to do the US far better than I did you great country of New Zealand last May.  I may be back in the US and Colorado this summer.  My middle son is getting married this year either in June or November.  If June, then I may be able to join you on part of your journeys.  If you are short of any camping gear, let me know.  Maybe one of my sons would have some gear you could bum.  The gear, if available, would be sitting in Colorado Springs where John lives.  Hope I can join you.

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      Thanks for the thumbs up, Jeff. And Floyd, thanks for the tent offer. Hope you can join me!

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      Man I wish I could go on this road trip!

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      Hey Jim!  I can join you for a week in July!  Woohoo!   I’ll be in touch so we merge!

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      Wow, we could put together mountain bikers from New Zealand, Colorado, Mongolia and possibly Georgia all in one trip.  If so, there could be some tall stories told around a campfire or two.

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      Yea!!!  Long rides and tall stories!

      I’m going on this road trip even if no-one can join me for long.  Hopefully I’ll make friends along the way and be able to join up with other riders if only for a day.  Can’t wait!


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      Hi Jim,

      Your adventure sounds awesome.  I am sure I can carve out a few days to ride with you.  I have friends who live in Crested Butte, Durango and other awesome places to ride in Colorado.  I live in Golden, CO, which is very centrally located for many front range trails. You are welcome to crash in our spare bedroom for a few nights if you wish– if we are in town when you get to the Denver area.



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      Hi Robin,

      I was so pleased to read your post! Realistically, there aren’t many people who can join me for an extended period… Meeting up with people along the way is perhaps an even better alternative. It’s great to ride but even better to ride with company! Just like life in general!!! So I look forward to catching up with you and other people along the way.

      And many thanks for your offer to crash in your spare bedroom. Such amazing hospitality is wonderful. However I hesitate to take you up on it – seems like an taking advantage of your kindness! Anyway, I’ll be in touch when I’ve firmed up dates and hope we can ride together!!!

      Best wishes


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      Jim, I met a bunch of Kiwis at the top of the Fruita 18 road many years ago — perhaps that was you.  Anyway, like John, I’m in the Colorado Springs area and would be happy to go pedaling with you in the surrounding (Colorado) area.  Not sure if I’m up for Moab in the summer — that could be really hot — but you never know, they do have cool periods.

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      Hi Bonkedagain (haha!)

      You’re right, Moab is going to be to hot in summer, Sedona too. I’ve changed the plan, I’ll come in April, May and June and start down south.

      I rode at 18 Roads 3 years ago – loved it!- but that was with a couple of Americans so it wasn’t me you saw there! Anyway, let’s keep in touch and see if we can arrange some rides together.

      I really appreciate your getting in touch – riding with company is twice the fun!

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      I will be in Crested Butte in July 30 through Aug 4th with my wife on our annual trip.  We are avid riders, give me a shout if your in town!

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      Thanks “triton189” Sure will! Hope we catch up…

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      Hit up Fruita, Sedona, & Moab, then head up to Bend, and finish up in B.C. That’s The Who’s who of classic and amazing spots. I’d be jealous for sure.

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