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      I’m putting new bars on my trek fuel.  Currently I have 750 mm bar with a 5mm rise, using a 80mm stem, sitting on top of 3 spacers. The spacers look to be around 10 mm each, but that’s just my best guess.  I’m about to put on sixc carbon 20 mm rise bars on a 60mm stem.

      My question is, if I feel the rise of my new bar is a bit to much than what I’m used to and I put it on top of 2 of my spacers placing the third on top of my bars I’m effectively riding bars that are only 5mm higher than what I have been riding?

      what I trying to accomplish with new bars is, having a wider bar, and having options to move the bar around, for example when I’m out pedaling more than descending, I’ll keep the bar on top of two spacers, when I’m riding terrain mostly descending I’ll keep it on top of 3 spacers

      Ive gotten very used to 5mm low rise bar but think wider and more rise would be a lot more comfortable to me, just wonder if removing spacers and putting them on top of a bar that feels to high would give the same function as a bar with lower rise and the actual rise of the bar would just be cosmetic




























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      Hello Dave, I have played around with spacers and different riser bars a lot.  In my opinion you are thinking right, and you will likely get the effects you want.  I have pretty much settled on the bar and number of spacers under the bar that I prefer on my current bike, but I still on occasion raised and lowered my bar height by changing the spacers to adapt to the riding than I am doing.  It can make a big difference.

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