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      While most phones now have cameras integrated that rival my old rig (Canon 20D), I can’t help but find myself wishing I had the ability to adjust settings easier, change my focus point, get a bit more DoF, and more often just wish I had my normal DSLR rig at my disposal.

      Having taken a few spills, I’m hesitant to bring my expensive bodies and lenses out with me. I’m not sure how insurance would take to "replacement due to endo" as reasoning. Yes, there are some risks with getting the shot that matters, but I’m sure they’d rather I hike myself to the spot instead of bike there.

      If there are some of you that bring your photo gear with you, I’d be interested in seeing how you get it there. I have the Dakine Sequence as my main gear bag and use a small Lowpro bag to haul around just a body, battery grip and a single lens. Neither has a huge amount of padding and I’d rather avoid dragging the Dakine with me on most rides as it can be cumbersome, bulky, and a bit heavy.

      Maybe I just need to man up and use my camera on my smartphone. Yes, it won’t take the photos I want to take, but it certainly can get the job done for grabbing images of local trails. I’m sure if it came down to it, I could slow down and use the Dakine bag, but something to just grab a rig and go would be awesome. There have been instances where I would have loved to have better gear at my disposal.

      For reference, here are the two bags.

      Dakine Sequence
      [i:1s5tnl08]scavenged from our own element22’s review, see link below[/i:1s5tnl08]

      Lowpro Toploader Pro 65 AW
      Toploader Pro 65 AW with Equipment by Lowepro, on Flickr

      Awesomely enough, element22 did a review of a newer version of the Sequence not too long ago. Still, I’d like to see what others use for their gear.

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      Carrying my DSLR has always been an issue, I wnat to take pictures but dont want the hastle of stoping a struggling to get my camera out.
      I have now purcahsed the Lowepro Photosport 200 AW.
      A brilliant bit of kit, nice protective pouch for the camera. Side access for quick reach of the camera.
      I can fit my Nikon D5100 with Lens and have a second lens and flash in the camera section.
      There is then plenty of room in the top of the bag for waterproof and bike kit, and a seperate compartment for a water bladder whichh is seperate to the camera compartment.
      You can even fit a tripod to the straps on the side.
      Have taken the pack on many full day high mountian rides and it has always been comfortable. Even coming down at speed it remains stable and comfy. Weight is not too different to having a standard bike backpack on such as a Camelback.
      I woudl give it 4.5 out of 5….
      Link below to product:

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      Always scared of damaging my D5000 but when I man up and take it for a ride it goes inside a gallon zip lock back with the kit lens and on the outer pocket of my Camelback Mule for quick "easy" access.

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      I need a more convenient way to easily carry my DSLR. I would love to be able to quickly pop it out of the bag, take some quick shots, and then back in the bag to keep on riding.

      By normal photography backpack-slingpack is way too big and bulky (I tried it and quickly gave up on it). I can also mount a back rack that I already own on the back of my bike and bungie the bag there. But that would be too slow to get the camera out to shoot.

      I’ll have to see if I can find a really small camera backpack.

      I just bought a Case Logic SLRC-205 SLR Camera Sling. I shopped around and found one for $40+$6 shipping.
      I love these kind of slingpacks. They work similar to a backpack but only over 1 shoulder. That makes them super fast to sling around grab the camera. I will do a review on it when I get it and try it out on the trail.

      **2nd Update**
      It arrived yesterday. I put it on and adjustmed the straps. I slung it around and opened the pouches, closed it back up and slung it back. So far so good. I threw the camera in, along with my big lens [Sigma 70-200 x 2.8] and if felt comfortable. I really like the construction of it too. Very well built. I just need to take it out on the trail for its final test…

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      I like that sling pack. Though it does mimic the smaller pack I already have.

      I may just try riding with the Lowpro a couple times next season and see what happens. It’ll limit me to one lens, but it’ll also mean I just need to slow down and make sure I don’t take a digger.

      Great ideas so far, guys. Thanks for the input!

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      Have had really good luck with a Lowepro Slingshot 102AW. Holds my D300s with std zoom, spare battery, flash and a spare lens (50mm f1.😎. I like the fact that I do not have to remove it to get to my equipment. Unlike some larger backpack ones that I have tried, it seriously "disappears" while riding.


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      me too, i think so,I need a more convenient way to easily carry my DSLR. I would love to be able to quickly pop it out of the bag, take some quick shots, and then back in the bag to keep on ridingImage

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      This popped up on my Facebook feed from BorrowLenses.com.

      A good bag is hard to come by. We are renting these great new bags, handmade by San Francisco locals, that are designed with both cyclists and photographers in mind. If you need something rugged to carry your gear in, check out Inside Line Equipment. You can rent one from us and then decide if you’d like a custom bag made up in time for the holidays!

      Link to rent here: http://www.borrowlenses.com/product/Bag … Bag__MKIII

      Link to buy here:

      Looks like an interesting option, and I may definitely take a closer look tonight when I get home from work.

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