Riding partner in Walnut Creek (East Bay Area)

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      Hi !


      I’m new to the Bay Area, I have just bought a mountain bike and I seek someone to show me the best spot around Walnut Creek and Bay Area in general. I’m quite beginner but I can follow 🙂 !




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      I recommend downloading several apps for finding trails.

      Singletracks has an app

      Trail Forks

      MTB project.

      They’re all good for different reasons.

      The MTBR Norcal forum is a very active space. There’s weekly rides posted for Bay Area all the time.

      I haven’t spent any time in the East Bay riding bicycles so I’m of no use.



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        mt diablo is great for exercise- can do hours of climbing, but mostly just fire roads.  there are a handful of legal single track – Dan cook trail at the entrance of south gate being one of the more fun/accessible ones. some fun less legal single track.  but, by and large, do diablo for exercise/nice views.  diablo mud can be unridable in some areas after a rain.  can get super hot in the summer

        close by, Joaquin Miller has some more advanced trails, nice and shady in the summer heat and handles the rain better.  poaching here is not as necessary and can be met with aggression- generally don’t.  small park overall

        Tamarancho in marin is great.  totally worth the 45 min drive.

        rockville is about 30 min away- fairfield.  great park- can find anything from easy fire roads to full double black.  climbs never too sustained.  not a huge park- just go explore, can’t get that lost.

        skeggs- cool place to go.  redwoods.  different cool loops.  worth the hour ish drive.

        summertime- tahoe, downieville!!!!

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        Awesome feedback ! Thanks guys !

        I have tried Diablo and Briones last week. Diablo was really great and easy-going. Briones was quite hard and uphill is steep. I’ll try Joaquim Miller because its seems the place to be in the East Bay area !

        I’m quite new to MTB and the sensation is so awesome ! It seems that I begin to be addict now :). Unfortunately, this weekend with the rain was hard to trail !

        If anyone is around, I’ll be glad to share the path :).




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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Without a doubt a great trail that is close to you is Joaquin Miller Park “JMP” it has a little bit of everything, only down side is that if you start a little bit later in the day you can run into a lot of hikers…. So start early….</p>

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