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      I managed to catch a decent ride about a week ago, even tested my new ContourHD helmet cam which worked brilliantly!

      The weather was holding and mostly sunny although there was the odd ice cold shower now and then and the fact that the tyres sunk 3 inches in the mud just made the experience far more entertaining. I did not fall of although i came close a few times mostly as the front wheel would find something hiding in the mud.

      I get back and strip and clean the bike followed by myself as i had brought most of the hill back with me as a souvenir. I begin to get ready for work and put a shirt in my bag as i cycle there and i get this massive crack from my spine, one of those that you tend to pause and take note.

      Well i woke up in the morning really early as i had a doctors appointment for something else and to my surprise i could not move at all and when i try it was so painful i would shake and begin to sweat.

      Needless to say i made it to the doctors which was 20min walk away although i managed to slump on the bike and roll, 7am no traffic fortunately.

      I found that i had locked 4-5 facit joints in my spine near the base so in the mirror my spine curved to the right and ultimately i could not move it or even hold a cup of tea. That was 8 days ago and i can move around better and the pain killers have dropped from 800mg which did not make a dent by the way to 200mg. it would appear that i still have a few days left of a weak spine as the muscles around it went through hell trying to prevent me damaging the spine further.

      I have done a lot of research pretty much as i could not move to do anything else and to all cyclists make sure you look after your spine and straighten it out from time to time by doing a half push up slowly while keeping your pelvis and legs on the ground and sit ups to strengthen the muscle on the side to help keep the spine straight as the muscles should be taking the brunt of any force and not the spine.

      believe me you do not want to go through what i have just been through. also means i wont be cycling for a bit and they just forecast snow so i am upset now.


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