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      So I have a cousin in Mexico who wants to get his hands on some Alpinestars Gravity shorts and jerseys. I’ve been looking for a couple of days and can’t seem to find any online stores that will ship to the US (all I’ve found is UK and EU based companies). I found some on eBay, but they’re a little pricier than msrp. I was wondering if anyone who frequents this site has some suggestions for some LBS’s or online shops that I might be able to find said Alpinestars items.

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      if you go to a moto or crotch rocket shop they will usally be able to order for you from the catalog as they tend to sell more and appeal more to the moto/street biker crowd but they have accounts with the company. You should be able to get something from them plus one of thier main warehouses is in Torrence, Ca. I should know this cus Alpinestar is one of my favorite appearals and I’m from LA, Ca and used to buy all the time through a streetbike shop I would frequent…
      Hope this helps…

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      just like BUDDAH said, go to your local motocross shop, they should be able to order you up what you want or they might have some of the stuff you want in stock, i wear mx jerseys when i ride and thats where i get them from, and BUDDAH, Apex Sports here in the Springs is the place to go for Alpinestars gear.

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      SWEET! I’m gonna have to check them out…

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      Thanks for the responses guys. We have a few mx shops in Reno, I’ll have to check them out.

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      i buy all my MX gear at motocrossgiant.com

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