Riding help in fla.

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      I will be doing a couple of jobs in Orlando and Tampa in a few months, weres there to ride there?

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      Alafia River state park and Balm-Boyette if your in the Tampa / west Orlando area. We just rode Boyette last weekend and Its awesome. North or east Orlando go to Santos in Ocala. Just bring lots of water its starting to really heat up down here.

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      Thanks I will have to check these places out. I’m going to start carring my bike every were I go.

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      Howdy guys! I know i am a bit late, but wanted to throw this in for you ‘badbandit12’…..




      These three MTB Club sites will fill you in on all the local MTB trails in the Tampa area (plus). If ya want technical and have a blast, then Alafia, Carter, and Santos are the trick. If ya want FR, then Croom and Santos is the way to fly. Carter and Alafia are pretty much the same type terrain with technical difficulties. Balm Boyette is a bit more passive than those two, but lots of open trails. Lots of improvements have been made at Balm that I have not seen or rode yet. So who knows with Balm. With all those great trails, you’ll be pretty busy riding them to travel anywhere else besides the ones mentioned.

      Good luck and happy trails!

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