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      Hey there,

      I’m travelling from Tasmania, Australia in September to, amongst other places, Zion and maybe the Rainbow Rim Trail, if I can make it! I’m a bit unsure about access/road conditions to the Rainbow Rim trailhead, especially as I’ll have a hire care. Any advice on shuttle services that might get me there, or even better, any locals on here that might fancy meeting up and riding with me for a day?

      Alternatively, are there any other more accessible tracks I should consider on my way as I loop back from Grand Canyon Village to Zion – perhaps something a little different (terrain wise) to what I’ll experience in Zion? I’m think’n XC single track aspen forest (that kind of thing), which I’m guessing Flagstaff is more suited to yeah?

      As for Zion, I’m planning to ride the Gooseberry Mesa and/or the Hurricane/Jem trails, so if anyone wants to join me on those then please PM me. Likewise for Flagstaff if I end up there. Here’s my rough-ish itinerary anyway:

      21-23 Sep: St. George/Zion
      19-20 Sep: Flagstaff or Page

      Oh, and I’m 39 and ride a XC full suspension, and I suppose I’d consider myself a fairly intermediate rider.


      PS. Assuming I hook up with anyone for a ride I’m only too happy to pay my way BTW (petrol etc.) and of course show you the best local tracks in Tasmania if you’re ever in my neck of the woods.

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      Roads to the Rainbow Rim are mostly well maintained dirt. No problem with a rental car. I’d suggest riding two out and back rides from the trails middle and camp at Locust Point where the trail runs right along the edge of the Rim and you can camp right next to it. Western Spirit Cycling does lead guided trips thru most of this area. East Rim/AZ Trail is also a sweet ride, with a feel more like Colorado than Arizona.
      Aside from amazing Gooseberry (my favorite trail anywhere) Little Creek Mountain is nearby. Tricky to find it’s somewhat easier with better flow than Gooseberry. The number of trails in the area is many. Search utahmountainbiking.com.
      Flagstaff’s network is great as long as you can handle the climbs and altitude over 3000m, SuperMoto my personal favorite but better riders will like Jedi more.
      Sedona also has close to 200 trails around the beautiful town.

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      Thanks for the advice ‘abegold’ and your vote of confidence for my pick of the Gooseberry trail – I’ll definitely be doing that one for sure. I dismissed Sedona, but that looks cool too – is there one trail there that’s a real standout in your opinion? Oh man, decisions, decisions… I wish I had more time in the area.

      Yep, I had looked into joining one of those tours a while back, but unfortunately operators like Western Spirit all had set schedules that didn’t coincide with the time I’m there – a real bummer, as I’d rather ride with others, but I like to get off the beaten track too, so I’m also happy to explore on my own a bit.

      I assume then that the East Rim/AZ Trail you’re referring to is the same as the following page/description yeah?
      [i:lkoyvpc0]East Rim Trailhead Drive 27.5 miles south of Jacob Lake on AZ 67 to. FDR 611, turn left on FDR 611 and drive 4.4 miles to the trailhead.[/i:lkoyvpc0]
      I found this map too:

      Is it just a ride in and ride out deal BTW? I get the impression that this one rates a little better than Rainbow Rim for a few riders = more decisions!

      Anyway, thanks again for the suggestions ‘abegold’ – much appreciated.

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      Only ridden a very few in Sedona. Special Ed starting by the high school was fun. The new trails many talk about are Highline and Hangover. There is a video of Hangover somewhere. Serious exposure but the video I saw was filmed with a fisheye lense so it looks even tougher. 2 local bike shops Mountain Bike Heaven and Bike and Bean both cater to toursits and can tell you alot more than me, a Tucsonan.

      Mountain Bike Heaven just went out of business. Sedona weather’s warm 30-39C summer highs.
      Flagstaff and the Rainbow Rim, cooler, higher elevation.

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      Yes that is the correct listing, hope you had a great time. Sorry, didn’t see the last post till today.
      Did you make it to Little Creek? I have to return to Gooseberry for the fun of it. Even scattered a MTB buddy’s ashes there!

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