riding around Colorado Springs in NOV????


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      hi, this probably sounds dumb, but i am from Sydney so you will have to forgive my ignorance! I am coming to Colorado Springs for a conference finishing on the 11th of Nov. I would love to do some riding if possible. I have a bunch of questions but here are a few to start with:

      1. does the weather allow riding at this time of year? If so where, and if not how far would i have to drive to get somewhere with awsome riding?

      2. What are the best places to ride around Colorado Springs (only really matters if i can ride them in NOV

      3. ANyone know where i can rent/borrow/etc a decent bike?? (something that i will be able to enjoy – i ride aggressive XC/ trail riding, and prefer down to up if you know what i mean)

      4. who can i ride with????? (clubs/ bike shops/fun people)

      What else could i do around Colorado Springs to amuse myself for a couple of days R & R??

      sorry for the long post!! 😃

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      Hi Mark, I envy you and your trip to Colorado Springs. Leah and I lived there 4 years and just moved away about a year ago. It does start to get a bit cold in Colorado in November but you never know, you could have nice 60 – 70 degree (F) weather.

      Some of the best riding in the area is right in town, a park called [trail=24]Palmer Park[/trail]. It’s on most city maps, you can also read about it on this site. Great technical riding plus cross country.

      Another place you should check out is Cheyenne Canyon. There are alot of trails that are in the area, the most famous (and easiest aerobically) is [trail=7]Captain Jack’s[/trail]. You can also do [trail=13]Gold Camp Road[/trail] but this is basically just a dirt road.

      As far as renting a bike, I don’t know for sure but I think Criterium, you can google them, I found a phone number: 719-599-5463. There are plenty of other bike shops in town too, I’m sure you can find their info online.

      Enjoy your trip!

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      I can probably help ya with all that when you get here My uncle owns a bike shop in Pueblo 30 miles south . I can check into his rental situation. And would be happy to ride and help show ya around… we may be doing our twice weekly night rides by then too if you are interested. You can email me @ [email protected] ..


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      If ya’ll do…..

      Don’t forget the camera. The pucker-factor of night riding on mountainsides/cliffsides in Colorado must be pretty high. 😮

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      We normally get our first big dump of snow in late November, but you really never can tell. In October of 1997 we got about 5 feet of snow from one storm at my house. If the trails are clear and you dress appropriately you’ll be fine in November; I ride year-round here. Trails out in the open tend to melt out very quickly here due to the constant sun. If you need any addition info or help before you come out you can drop me a line.

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      So when you do go riding past the first snowfall/freeze, do you switch over to studded tires??? Any legality issues over using studded meats?

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      Nah, if the snow is just patchy and not too deep I cruise right through it. If its continuous and deep, I take my backcountry skis instead. If its icy I strap on some mini-crampons and go trail running. Bad weather or trail conditions is no excuse to stay home 😀 The one thing you sometimes do have to worry about is verglas (very thin almost invisible film of ice); especially riding through rocky sections and slick rock. I hit a sheet several years ago on what appeared to be a dry trail, slid about 20 feet and got pretty torn up; studded tires may have prevented this.

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      I think the weather man had it right when he called Pueblo the brown hole of Colorado 😆 . the weather is always decent (except when its 115) 😼 . we rairly have more than 2 or three days with to much snow to ride in down here in Pueblo. Night rides are KILLER fun!

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      hey guys thanks for the info, sounds like the riding will be there when i am, which is awesome. I will definately get in contact with all of you who offered assistance, and Ray about hire, and a night ride sounds sweet- i will have to bring my lights over! I am really looking forward to it.

      I am kinda sick of riding around Sydney at the moment, we only have one kind of trail really, rocky loose sandy, lots of v.technical sandstone downhills full of drop offs and rock gardens. It seems we do not have any soil down here and our trails just don’t flow…I am really looking to ride some nice endless flowing smoothish singletrack like we always see in the US mags and DVDs.

      So am I dreaming or do thises kinds of trail exsits around Colorado Springs?? I saw Palmer Park pics and it actuallt reminds me a bit od the loose stuff around Sydney!

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      I was not able to get a track on a desent rental, My uncle only has old rigid fork bikes. I may have a bike i can borrow, My spare is a Trek7000 , its not great but I have been able to ride it the last month with some success.

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      Hey, there’s nothin wrong with a Trek 7000. It’s my primary rig, and the only thing I ever used when I lived in the Springs. 😃

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      I ‘m not saying there’s anything wrong with the 7000, it’s a great bike for 1974 😆 😮 😎 . its just not my fuel 98.

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      another thing to do while near Col Springs… i dont know if it will be open that time of year, but its well worth the drive up Pikes Peak. 😃

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      This may be too late, but yes, the riding here can be great in November. Today it is sunny and in the 70’s, and all low-elevation trails are dry.

      I have had buddies rent from Criterium when they come out to visit. They rent full suspension bikes, usually Specialized FSR, Canondale Jekyll, Giant, etc. Take a look at [url:2ul47vmu]http://www.criterium-bicycles.com/rentals/rentals.html[/url:2ul47vmu] The rental price includes use of a pump, tools, spare tube, and a helmet.

      In addition to the trails already mentioned, I suggest going up to Rampart Reservoir. Not far away and a really nice ride. It should still be mostly snow-free.

      I rode outside Sydney (Katoomba) a few years ago. The Six Foot Track; Nellie’s Glen down to Cox’s River suspension bridge. Very nice, although the hike back up Nellie’s Glen at the end of the day just about finished me off. Next time I will probably park at the Old Ford Reserve in the Megalong Valley.

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