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      I usually park my bike for the winter and pick up the skis. With the cost of a ski ticket kind of getting out of reach, I’m thinking of scheduling more Colorado MTB time. I know it all depends on the snowfall and that can vary year to year. I’m looking for suggestions on:

      1. can you ride the whole year?
      2. where/what are the best trails that tend to shed snow fast?
      3. where do you get information on the elevation of the snow pack or current snowfall? (ie. mountains get snowfall above 7,000′ but Waterton Canyon is clear because it was rain at 6,600′). Mike Nelson channel 7? Any good websites?
      4. what do you carry/pack that is different than in-season riding?
      5. special considerations/precautions to not damage a dormant trail?
      7. any suggestions on out of state riding in the winter months?

      Thanks all. I’ve got the fever worse than ever and just can’t envision my bike on the rack for 3 months.

      Your comments are appreciated. Happy Trails.


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      We night ride down here in pueblo. from november to march the night can be a bit nippy but it sure is a lot of fun. I invested in a good light a good set of tights , some GORE windstopper jackets and some arm warmers. Its a lot of fun . I bet we didi not go a week last winter without a ride due to snow

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      Awesome. Great suggestion. What trails do you recommend in P Town?

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      nature trail/ PMI are the best for night riding. The south shore is great for daytime , not so good at night.

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      In Colorado Springs, Palmer Park and Ute Valley Park both shed snow fairly quickly. Most of Waldo Canyon is usually fine too (except for the far western part in the trees). If you don’t mind riding easy, mostly flat and non-technical trails in the winter, the New Santa Fe trail is almost always free of snow and typically melts out a day or two after a snowstorm. If the price of a lift ticket is too high try backcountry skiing the trails you ride in the summer. Send me an email if you ever need info on the trail conditions here.

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      I understand Green Mountain (West of Denver) is pretty good all year long.

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      My persional recomendation is to think, “Screw the snow, screw the lift ticket prices and go get your hands- tires, sorry, dirty.” Go out there and ride in the snow. Doesnt matter how deep, how soft, just do it. But, erm, do me a favor and wear something warm, ok? I’d recomend a insulated (MX style) full face helmet.

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