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      In these trying times for some it may be difficult to get the ride or even a ride in, for others it may be business as usual. Ive been able to ride as usual but in the back of my mind injury could be a setback so more road and gravel has been my rides . I will get on the trails hopefully once a week and just what Ive noticed is a little break has helped quite a bit in my riding trails. Hope your getting some ride time in no matter the style but if your in the trails its just soooo much better with more thrills

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      I am with you. I can still get rides in but find myself holding back not wanting an injury that would require a doctor’s visit. I am getting in some rides but being more mellow and I eager to work on skills like jumping. The two trails I ride the most added more entry level jumps and drops which is what I needed this Winter and I am not going for any of them right now. I am itching to go for it but also so thankful just to be out.

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