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      I’m a 220lb rider… not that experienced, but from my experience so far is that I ride a 2015 specialized enduro upgraded to an x2 shock yet i still seem to always go through the max travel no matter how I ride. The shock is set to Fox’s standard
      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Does this mean a heavier rider shouldn’t  ride on shorter travel bikes no matter the style of riding?</p>

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      So you have the shock air pressure set to 220psi, with sag about 25%, and you still use 100% of travel?  Have you adjusted by this https://www.ridefox.com/2016/dl/bike/605-00-165-FLOAT%20X2%20Tuning%20Guide-revA.pdf


      Still I am a little confused as the Specialized Enduro is not a short travel frame?

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      You either riding hard enough to utilize all your suspension (which is good) or your shock need extra air. When setting up sag on your shock, don’t forget about gear and water that you carry on you. Let’s say you weigh 220 and carry a 10-pound backpack then your shock should be adjusted to 230 lbs. maybe your rebound is too slow and you “packing up” your shock.

      As long as it’s working good and you don’t hear clanking noise (bottoming out shock) when hitting obstacles I wouldn’t worry about it


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      I’ve had issue with using all the travel on the Fox X2 as well. Adding pressure will help to an extent, but I think the shock maxes out at 250 PSI. Try adding volume spacers. This will reduce the air volume inside the shock which should allow you run a little less pressure, but will increase the progressiveness of the shock to prevent bottoming out.

      Fox released new two-piece volume spacers that allow you to add or remove them without even taking your shock off the bike. It’s super simple to do at home, should take less than 10 minutes:


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        Oh that is awesome, now I want a bike with an X2.

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        Thank you very much I will look into getting volume spacers

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      Yeah it’s a pretty ingenious idea that makes tuning a lot quicker.

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      The X2 is max at 250psi.  As mentioned earlier by Aaron, you could increase your pressure a little or get spacers.  Getting knowledgeable in this area will give you appreciation down the road when you get to tuning it how you like.  Try to learn as much as you can about it.  I was initially thinking that the pressure in the air chamber below your floating bolt was leaking or low.  That would definitely act as you stated and throw everything off.  When I started riding I was 227 (used to lift a lot) and I had the same issue and still do although I’m lighter.  Riding hard will push your suspension when set just at your limits.

      Hopefully, you figure it out soon and get dialed in.  Have a good one.



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