Rider Assaulted by Hunters on the Stevens Creek Trail, SC

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      I wanted to let you know about the assault that happened to my husband around 9 pm last night (sat, July 26) on Stevens Creek. He had been out at FATS most of the afternoon and decided to head over to Stevens Creek for a short ride. He was riding back to his car, and was about 0.5 miles from the parking area at the trail head, when three men in full camouflage stretched a rope across the trail, which he rode into, throwing him off his bike. He lost consciousness for a little bit and when he opened his eyes one of the guys was slamming his head into the dirt, which eventually ripped off his helmet. The assailant on top of him then attempted a sexual assault, while telling him that those woods were for hunters only, and that he was going to learn tonight. My husband was eventually able to fight him off and run away, but they were armed and fired a shot at him. The men were white and were at least in their 30s, if not a bit older, and were large enough to take him down (He is 6’3, 200lbs), though one of the three was smaller/shorter than the other two,who were around 5’8. Thankfully he was able to escape with only minor scrapes and bruises and they had left all of his possessions (bike, helmet, etc..) in the woods, which he retrieved this morning with the police. The deputies are investigating it now, and have added an extra ranger to patrol the trails but please please please be careful if you must go out there. These @&$#%* are extremely dangerous! Unfortunately, as much as he liked riding there he says he will never go back out there again.

      Source: http://sorbacsra.proboards.com/thread/3 … vens-creek

      Take caution if you’re riding in the Augusta area, folks. Packing some heat might not be a bad idea.

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      Holy crap! A bit of deliverance on a mountain bike! I was riding late season Downieville, a bit up the trail at Pauly Creek, a few years back and rode through a group deer hunters. It was definitely a creepy feeling, thank goodness they didn’t pull any of that crap. I was hoping my tan shorts flying through the woods didn’t look like a good target to anyone!

      Not sure I would pack some heat while biking, but a can of bear spray could be handy for a bear, mountain lion or psychotic hunter!

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      Honestly I am surprised that in my area bike shops don’t sell orange jerseys to wear out in the forest. Only hunters are required to wear orange. But it’s smarter and safer for all trail users to wear bright orange.

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      I dunno, thats a pretty unbelievable story. And I mean all of it. Any group of three men will rarely all be short guys, the tallest listed was 5’8". At 9pm its pretty dark in the woods. 3 hunters laying in wait for a trail ambush with trap set and concealed, would most likely bug out after dusk. And thats if hunting game, if hunting humans like the story relates, I would expect them to bug out earlier unless there is a large night riding presence and that they were aware of it. (My non-biking friends have no idea I ride at night, and when they find out it blows their mind).
      The sexual assault aspect sounds straight out of Deliverance, but apparently was unsuccessful.(?)
      A hunter would not "fire a shot at him". These would have been good ol’ boys with excellent gun skills and a realistic view of firearms. They would not threaten him with a gun, but by beating his ass. If they fired a shot, it would have been to bury him.
      Then of course he fights off three armed men, and dodges bullets as he flees through the trees, while three trackers on their home turf are unable to stop him. They also leave his bike and equipment right where it fell, without at least destroying it, or hiding it… whole thing smells fishy.

      My guess is that this is a complete fabrication, eithre by the media to drum up fear, or by the biker to gather support in his or her personal vendetta against hunting. Perhaps they are militant vegans? Or maybe the guy has an overbearing wife, he crashed and ate it hard, and knew the wifey would put and end to his riding days after she saw his face, so he made up the story to justify his injuries to her.

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      "musikron" wrote

      Perhaps they are militant vegans?

      Beware the militant vegans! 😆 Nice one! You make some good points, though. The story is quite incredible.

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      Definitely bizarre. If true, I would think more of militia type people – or perhaps marijuana growers. We share the national forest with hunters all the time and never have any problems. Hunting in July – for what?

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      A lot of people don’t think this really happened, think he’s covering up something (drug deal or craigslist hook up gone bad or got in a fight with someone else on the trail, etc). I don’t know what to believe. There’s definitely a lot of questions. I HOPE it didn’t happen as it’s my favorite trail in town and I hope there aren’t people out there like that, but I also know if I was this guy and it did happen and no one believed my story I’d be super pissed off.

      Hopefully either way we get some sort of closure…either he admits he made it up or they catch the attackers.

      Some news:

      http://www.nbc26.tv/story/26130071/upda … re-fleeing <<<- There’s a link to the incident report near the bottom

      http://metrospirit.com/deliverance-atta … ck-county/

      http://chronicle.augusta.com/news/crime … ck-cyclist

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      So its safe to assume he made this story up right?
      Any updates? I expect the only update we hear would be him being charged with filing a false report.

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      "musikron" wrote

      So its safe to assume he made this story up right?
      Any updates? I expect the only update we hear would be him being charged with filing a false report.

      Yeah that’s pretty much what everyone thinks. Something happened, but not what he says.

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      Ya this sounds fishy. Simply does not make any sense.

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      Back to the original thread, the guy who was attacked has posted some interesting responses to everything that has gone on. On 8/9, he is still claiming what he stated was the truth.

      http://sorbacsra.proboards.com/thread/3 … vens-creek

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      More info here too: http://metrospirit.com/hands/

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      "dgaddis" wrote

      More info here too: http://metrospirit.com/hands/

      Interesting editorial. I have to say, I couldn’t imagine riding with a handgun in my camelbak! I’m not against firearms in any way, I would be afraid of an accidental discharge. I’ve gone over the bars and landed flat on my back before. I am surprised this guy is responding so much in social media.

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      I bet most of you had forgotten about this right? I know most locals had. It gets brought up once and a while, but it’s not on anyone’s mind any more.

      Until the alleged victim got himself arrested for threatening the editor of the Metro Spirit.

      Now keep in mind, up until this point his name had not been released. Had he just kept his mouth shut most folks would never know. But now there’s a name and picture.

      http://augustacrime.com/metro-spirits-j … _ref=AL2FB

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      😆 Every time I’m hunting along the Long Cane Trail and I see guys out riding… I have to fight the urge NOT to sexually assault them.

      You are right, I had forgotten about this. Thanks for brining it back up. I’ll remember to watch my back this summer on Steven Creek.

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      That guy looks a little crazed. Perhaps some hard drugs?

      I stand by my initial judgement of BS on the original story.

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      Things that make you go hmmmm…

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