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      i want to replace stock tires on 2013 FSR stumpjumper 29er. ride in IN,Ky. Stock tires are kind of deep knobbies. I want to reduce rollling resistance but not break the bank.Any reccomendations?

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      I’ve found these to be pretty fantastic. I picked them up for $15 a pop, but don’t see any at that price right now.

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      For my Stumpy FSR 29er I have 2 sets of tires.

      The fast, grippy-enough set: Specialized Purgatory front, Captain Control rear
      The slower, SUPER grippy set: Kenda Nevegal 2.3s front and rear.

      I’m currently running the Nevegals wishing I had the fast tires on every time I go up a climb 😢

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      thanks for the input.

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