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      I’ll be in Santa Fe, NM next month for a week and would love to squeeze in some riding. Best days will be Aug 23, 24, 25, 26. Does anyone have suggestions of where to rent a (preferably high-end demo) bike and a top 5 trails to get to list? Or does someone have a spare bike and want to take me riding? Santa Fe isn’t quite the mtb destination that Moab is so It’s a little harder to find the info I’m looking for.

      I race beginner level XC in GA but am fast enough to have a good time with my friends that race Sport and Expert without slowing them down too much, I’ve enjoyed places such as Porcupine Rim in Moab and the Pinhoti in North GA, and wouldn’t have fun doing something with lots of drops over a foot or two. 20 miles on a mountain bike with 3000 feet of climbing is a good day, so is more miles with a hair less climbing.

      Or should I just rent a road bike…

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      Take a look at this one dude,looks like somthin you might like.
      Let us know whats goin on and if you find anymore trails down there,I deffinately want to ride down there.There might not be a whole heck of alot trails,but there is some really nice scenery down there.


      Here’s a link to a couple bike shops listed here on singletracks,give them a call to see if or what kind of bike rental they have.????


      Here is a link to the Sante fe national forrest,not much biking trails here but there’s a couple that are 10 to12 miles long.

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      Here’s a couple more that look pretty good too,I havent ridden new mexico so all this is just search and find,but hope it helps.

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      I’ve done the searching around as well, there just seem to be a lack of reviews on a lot of these things. Perhaps I’m just spoiled by the amount of user-created content on the trails in GA 😀

      There definitely are some great sounding things near Taos, but it’s a long drive some Santa Fe and I won’t be able to make it that far without meeting someone that wants to go there with me. Hmm.

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      One more singletracks link: … radius=100

      According to this page Albuquerque is about 50 miles from Santa Fe as the crow flies which is a *little* closer than Taos. I know the trails around Sandia are pretty nice, the one I rode reminded me of the stuff in Colorado Springs. Anyway, plenty of trails around Albuquerque, maybe you could stop by on your way to/from the airport 😀 If you do ride in ABQ, good luck renting a bike there – the one place I found only had sucky hardtails.

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      Looks like I’m renting a sweet carbon hardtail from for 4 days, This map: is highly recommended and will be here tomorrow, and hopefully when it’s all done I will have some GPS traces of Dale Ball, Windsor, Chamisa, and perhaps one or two more. If the altitude doesn’t stop me…

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      Actually, it was in Rio Rancho, a suburb on the NW side (pretty much on your way if you’re going up to Santa Fe. It was a Specialized 4" travel XT level bike. I don’t really like Specialized, but it was a great deal for 35 clams a day. Also, the guys in the shop were way cool and gave me great trail info. If you’re willing to spend over twice that, I found a shop that had some high end (Ibis Mojo, Pivot Mach 5) demos.

      It’s wort wandering SE out of town and hitting a loop of Otero and Tunnel Canyons. If you’re going North, you may want to hit White Mesa on the way. Beware, however, late August will still probably be hot and dry. Bring plenty of water.

      Have Fun!

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      And I’m back! Here’s how things went down: … ta-fe.html

      Soon as Jeff approves em, there will be maps of all the trails from my GPS traces 😀

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      WOW,sweet work on gettin all that GPS data ckdake.How was the bike?You got some really cool pics as well.How do you feel now after all that riding??

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      Fantastic pic of your bike on the hill! BTW, I like a lot of your stuff in your other galleries as well. 119 miles in 4 days on a MTB is nothing to scoff at.

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      GoldenGoose: thanks! I wish mountain biking was the kind of sport that would let me drag my nice camera along 😀

      steve32300: The bike was pretty awesome. Very light, handled very well, fit like my IF hardtail with minimal adjustments, and I had no complaints with the bike at all. The 4 days following riding were sitting in a hotel at a conference so it wasn’t to bad, and I was back out riding again in Atlanta as soon as I got home. Heck, the following wednesday I even got bumped up a category at the velodrome here due to sweeping all the C races, so perhaps the altitude was a good thing.

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      Not sure how nice your DSLR is but Trek7k carries his Canon XTi with him in his camelback and has no problems. He’s got a pretty huge model pack, the HOSS, that allows for a good amount of protection and waterproof compartments. I basically have the same model camera and I have carried it out before as well on a few rides. I’ve been a bit hesitant to take my expensive lenses out with it but I’m going to get a piece of thick foam and cut it to size to make a shock absorber. Hopefully, that’ll give it enough protection and I won’t be constantly worried. In the meantime, I’ve just been using the kit lens (18mm-55mm) that came with it.

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      It’s a 40D with some pricy glass, so when I’m on a bike and it’s with me it’s in my huuuuge bag inside a pelican case. (or very occasionally in my hands… )

      My mountain biking bag is a camelbak mayhem which doesn’t quite have the room for the camera and any padding, and I tend to be bleeding somewhere when I’m done riding so it’s not a risk I’m willing to take 😀

      I am looking for a new mountain biking bag and Ergon sponsors my team, so I’m probably going to give one of these a try: … am-edition next time we can put an order in.

      (Hmm. I have "notify me when a reply is posted" checked but don’t get these notifications any more?)

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