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    that was a sick jump, at 134′ that must be the new record, the old one was 121′ by Nathan Rennie.

    hey Chili i read your comment for the video, and the rider in the video is Jason Rennie, hes actually a motocross guy not a mtn. biker per se, the rider your thinking of with the 5.10 shoes is Nathan Rennie, i can see the confusion with the names being so similar.

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    "ChiliPepper" wrote

    Yeah, I realized that after I already posted my comment. Even then, they are related, so not too bad after all. Those guys are awesome, but especially N. Rennie. I have followed Rennie and my bro Peat for a long time.

    yeah, Nathan Rennie and Steve Peat are some awesome DH racers, i was happy for Peaty when he won his first Worlds last year, it was a long time coming for him.

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    Awesome. By the way, the new forum software allows you to include videos and we’ve made it easy to share (most of) the videos on singletracks. Just click the "Share" link on the right side of the video page to get the code. Check it out!


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    SICK….SICK…..SICK JUMP……What I call NO FEAR! 😎


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