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      I was given a nice straight wheel with a seized bearing that I can’t seem to remove.I’m pretty mechanical and have a decent assortment of tools but this thing has me kinda puzzled.

      I read a method someone else successfully but it didn’t work for me.They just knocked the center spacer to the side and tapped the bearing out with a screwdriver…I can’t get that center spacer to move so I have no bearing edge to press on.

      Has anyone else had any luck removing these bearings?

      Wheel is a front if it matters.

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      If the spacer is stuck to the bearing race you can stick something smaller than the hole about 1/2 way and force the spacer off the inner bearing race. You might have to smack it to the side to get it to break free. Once it is free of the bearing you can remove the bearing with the tap,tap,tap the race method. Hope this helps. 😄 Later,

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      Ahhh…ok. I’ll give that a try,I really didn’t try too hard to push that inner spacer to the side so I’ll go look at it again with a different attitude. 😃

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      there are tools for removing bearings from a blind hole that may do the trick. Snap-on has a pretty good selection of stuff like that. I have custom made some for the machines i work on. basically something to get behind it and pop it out with a slide hammer. good luck. maybe cheaper to take it to someone.

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      I was actually supposed to pay the Snap On guy today,but he didn’t come by,haha.I had considered the slide hammer bearing puller method but I still had no edge to grab onto with the tip at the time.I’ll mess with it tomorrow and thanks for the help guys.

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      This is a good one…

      Well if the bearing is toast and you don’t have to worry about it then try and crack the inner race (center) and have the loose balls fall out, then you can easily remove the center spacer and then press them out as usual.

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      "element22" wrote

      …and have the loose balls fall out…

      Sounds painful… 😢

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      maddslacker, Will that method leave a mark? Just asking? 😄 Later,

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      I asked a friend I ran into on the trail yesterday about removing those bearings,he suggested not to use the screwdriver method unless I want to destroy the hub.

      There is a puller that expands and they can be yanked out with a slide hammer.May run it by to him and have him pull them…otherwise,I’ll go get the tools soon.

      I have tried several times to knock that spacer to the side with no luck.

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