Reddish Knob in Harrisonburg, VA is a must ride

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      Just wanted to share my experience from this past weekend’s camping trip in the George Washington National Forest and put it out there that Reddish Knob is a MUST RIDE if you are in the vicinity of Harrisonburg, VA.

      Saturday afternoon, myself and 7 others shuttled our way to the top of Reddish Knob and took a 7 mile ride all the way to the bottom where we parked the getaway car. I have never had as much fun, nor have I ever been so sore (was riding my hardtail 29er.) The beginning of the trail is discouraging. There are a few sections of large rocks that may or may not be ridable depending on your skill level. You then ride along the ridgeline, plenty of uphills and very rewarding downhills. The last few miles of trail are downhill bliss. There is one long section of very rock downhill that is sure to leave your brakes smoking and your legs burning. Then the trail ends with a super smooth flowing section that feels like a downhill pump track. The last 2 miles alone are worth the entire ride.

      There are also several other trails within the Forest. We rode a few of them and not one of them sucked. We drove 3 hours to get to the National Forest…I would drive 6 hours if I had to.

      We shuttled to the top in style. Let me tell you, a Raptor is by far the most gnarly shuttle vehicle possible.

      The view from the top of the Knob:

      We were all way too pumped to take pics during the ride. We were enjoying our victory beers at this point:

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      Awesome. Reddish Knob and the Southern Traverse are on my "to ride" list. Seems like to me Reddish Knob is 2000-2500 feet vertical, pretty big for our little eastern mountains 😆
      Did your group hire a guide and shuttle? I’ve looked at some of those trails on the map and am not sure if I could a good route out.

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      Southern Traverse is definitely on my to-do list as well.

      We had no guides but we purchased a very detailed trail map of the GW National Forest at a bike shop in downtown H-burg and wouldn’t have been able to do the ride without it. We shuttled ourselves …lots of trips up and down the mountain in the cars to work this out but it was very worth it.

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      Reddish is awesome…I’m an hour north of Harrisonburg and also ride Elizabeth Furnace and the other trails in Fort Valley (more rocks). Definitely worth the trip to Hburg, we parked at Briery Branch and rode the 7 miles up the paved road to Reddish with the trails as our reward. Brakes will be smokin’ and watch for boulders, a friend taco’d his tire near the bottom. GWNF has some of the best trails around and Shenandoah Bicycle Company in town has some great folks that can help with anything. Highly recommend it!!

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      yessir! I highly recommend SBC. That’s where we got the trail map and a lot of tips on which trails to ride.

      I can totally see getting a taco’d wheel out there. I broke 5 spokes on my hard tail 29er 😳

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      JTOrlando25, is the map you used the National Geographic 791 map – or do they sell one with better detail than that?

      Crossroads i got a loop in after chainsaw training class a couple of years ago on Massanutten Mountain & Stephens Trail. Rockiest stuff I had ever been on. Still. Most of it was embedded so it wasn’t too bad to ride over as long as your derailuer kept its eyes open and ducked when needed. 😆


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      Yep Craig, that was the map. I would say it’s an absolute requirement if you’re planning on exploring the GW National Forest without getting lost.

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      "CraigCreekRider" wrote


      That looks pretty gnarly with potential for pain. So, how fast did you bomb down that? Or were you climbing?

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      "fleetwood" wrote

      That looks pretty gnarly with potential for pain. So, how fast did you bomb down that? Or were you climbing?

      This was the climb up, I don’t think bombers would live too long. 😆 Its more like hunt and peck on a keyboard, riding between and over rocks trying to get through without breaking you or the bike.

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      I started at the top where I had parked. Trails was amazing but the bike ride up at the end is what really wore me out. Next time I will have someone meet me at the bottom or get a shuttle up.

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