Recumbent Cycles?? WTF?

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      Hey this is Hurdaddy comin at ya from the Southeast of Arizona. I’m just wondering about recumbent bikes, why were they made in the first place? Are they harder to ride then regular sit up bikes? Does anyone on this website own or ride one. They don’t look that fun to me at all. I’m also wondering if it’s a good leg work out or what the major advantages are. I’m gonna show my ignorance here and suggest that they seem like a lazy rider’s bike, I’ve never rode one yet so am I being prejudice toward them or am I right about um?? Hope to hear back from you about these intriguing rigs! See you out on a ride. -Hurdaddy

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      Recumbent bikes are the bastard stepchildren of roadbikes, and were designed mainly for aging roadies that have developed back problems from being in that disk-inflaming, ‘roid inducing, hunchbacked position for hours at a time.

      I’ve ridden a recumbent just to see what the deal was, and I can tell you they are unstable and unfit for anything besides riding in straight lines, up or down gentle slopes, or the occasional trip outside the subdivision to the local starbucks.
      They are also unsafe in that, because they are lower profile, and the rider is unable to do a head check to the rear because of the recumbant seat, they are easier targets for the already bike-ignorant motorists.

      Granted, some recumbents are getting pretty high-tech now, they’ve even started using mechanical disk brakes! 😮

      For the price of a recumbent you could buy a really nice ‘cruiser bike that’d be just as comfortable, better handling, and with better components.

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      I thought it was the same people who buy a Prius to save the planet not caring that they are hauling $7500.00 in toxic waste with em 😆

      The back problem makes more sense 😉

      Riding is life all else is waiting

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      My vote? Either take a nap or go for a bike ride. Don’t try to combine the two. 😼

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      I am a roadie and mtb’er. I consider the recumbent bike rider as somewhat less than human. He is a nerd. He suffers from the “hey everybody look at me” syndrome. These are the geeks who show up for century rides acting all cool on their nerdmobiles, but I don’t see them at the end of the ride. Get a friggin’ lazy Boy recliner and give it up… Am I being too harsh? When I see Ned or Lance riding one, I will reconsider… 😕

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      i have a bent and it is fun.i ride bikes because they are fun.

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      they arn’t as good a workout as a regular bike,but they are fun. i like to think of them as a lawnchair on wheels.

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      Anybody who knows anything about cycling should already know that recumbents were banned by the UCI in the 1930’s for being to fast to compete with standard bicycles. The current record for a non-paced flying 200m on a recumbent is 81mph, on an upright bicycle it is 45.3mph. The current hour record on a recumbent is 52.32 miles, on an upright 30.882 miles.

      I don’t own or ride a recumbent but you got to respect those numbers. I doubt anyone on this site has been even remotely close to hitting 81mph, on even the steepest downhill road or dirt.

      Besides that, they were around in the middle of the 19th century and lost popularity only after the UCI ban in 1934.

      There are plenty of websites with info on recumbents, check out some of the history it’s pretty interesting.

      Don’t be SNOB’s, that’s what causes problems on the trails and roads for all of us cyclists, upright or recumbent.
      JUST RIDE!

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      i would bet those records were made with a recumbent that had a full fairing, because i have a higher average speed on my road bike than my bent.

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      At least as far as rideing in the city go’s. Thers no way that you could keep up with me on a recumbent. I’ll be over curbs, islands, and out of sight befor you’ve even concitered dismounting. Don’t look to fun to me. But whatever!

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      I’d consider trying mountain biking on a recumbent, purely for the humor of watching me tip over every 8 seconds. 😆

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      I started surfing when I was 14 (on a surfboard). Some people then and now ride “boogie” boards which is a form of sufing in the sense that you are catching a wave. The thing about boogie boarders is that when they try to “surf” with surfers (ones who ride surfboards), many times they become obstacles or speedbumps. Most of the time they end up this way unintentionally, however there always seemes to be a rift between the two. The nickname that I always heard reffering to boogie boarders was “sponge”. Like “Hey man that was a nice left you took until that sponge dropped in on you. Too bad for him, eh?”…anyways… I’m not sure if Spongers ride sponges becuase they can’t surf or they don’t like to stand while riding a wave (which isn’t the case because half of them end up trying to stand on their sponges when they get good at it anyways). But the same goes for recumbents: Is it that they can’t ride upright bikes, or do they just preffer the Lazy-boy approach? I don’t know, and being a 2 wheeled enthousiest (and poor speller), I can’t rule out ever riding or even owning one. But one thing that seems to be the case is…recumbents are the “sponges” of cycling.

      P.s.: within the same theory, Rollerbladers are the “sponges” of skateboarding and bmxing.

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      while recumbents are fast as hell when prepared right (aka faring, proper gearing, good tires, ect) they are relatively hard to get used to, espicaly after someone has gotten used to upright bikes. I personaly wouldn’t concider getting on one of the things without someone to push me off and run after me (not laughing, without a video camera, tho the $10,000 would be nice) when I tip it over. I don’t see how someone can get started in one of those things by themselves. bet it’s hell when you find a bumpy road, too 😆

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      I did the 3 bears today and I saw one guy in one going maybe 40-50 mph down one if the hills.

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      Funny…I was thinking the same thing as mentioned above:
      Surf vs Boogy
      Blade vs Skate
      Ski vs Snowboard
      Paper vs Plastic

      But for the counter-culture….Is it a question of WHY? as much as it is of HOW? Never tried a recumbent – maybe I will some day…now if we could just get a dish on the back and a bigscreen on the front – then pedal power takes on a whole new meaning.

      Until then…this is the most impressive mental picture of "recumbent" that I can think of: … photo=2582

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      Everyone I’ve met who rides these things are snobs. I’d love to see one ride some single track though. Hahaha

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      The bent trikes look fun

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      This guy past me on a recumbent bike while I was hiking once. He seemed to be going pretty fast. He even made it all the way up this steep hill.

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