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      I’m planning a camping trip with my wife & kids (a 2 1/2 yr old & a 7 month old) and thinking about heading up to Wisconsin. I plan on doing some riding while we’re up there, too. Does anyone have any recommendations for some good trails to ride with good camping close by (preferrably within riding distance, rather than driving). Thanks in advance!

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      Levis Mounds all the way! … ounds.html About 25 miles of the best singletrack you’ll ride anywhere, and theres camping at the trailhead, but there’s EXCELLENT camping at Russell Park about 10 miles down the road on Lake Arubutus in Hatfield. Camping at the TH wouldn’t be more than a small gravel lot, but with amazing trails right there. Russell Park is the largest and nicest campground in the whole county, with an excellent beach, beautiful (large) lake, all the amenities (campground store, shower and laundry buildings, some flush toilets, etc) and Hatfield has a bunch of stuff to do during the summer as well, including restaurants, and that whole deal.

      Definitely recommend checking it out!

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      Thanks for the info Goo! I appreciate it. I have a question for you: have you ever ridden and/or camped at Kettle Moraine? My wife looked that up last night & thought it might be a good place for us to try. Plus, it’s only a 4+- hour drive from where we live, as opposed to 7-8 hours (which is a world of difference with a toddler and a baby 😃 ). Thanks for any info you have, and thanks again for your recommendation.

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      I have not ridden or camped there, but I’ve been in the area and can say that it is gorgeous! Probably generally a lot hillier than Clark County, (but the trails up and down the mounds @ Levis do have some beastly climbs)

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