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      Hey all, just wondering if there are any great audio podcasts about mtn biking out there. I haven’t really found anything yet that satisfies for general mountain biking and gear talk and I’d love some recommendations.

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      I have a [i:1lpi0ol3]slight[/i:1lpi0ol3] bias on this one (i’m the owner)… check out [url:1lpi0ol3][/url:1lpi0ol3]. Almost 60 shows up – people are all over the board – pros/amateurs/industry. You can send any feedback (good or bad, really) to me at .

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      Great, Ben-thank you. I’m subscribed. I was surprised at how hard it was to find some MTB listening so I’m looking forward to it.

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      No problem. Great! Yeah, not too much out there. Check out the Mountain Bike Radio Facebook page to stay up to date on shows, guests, news, etc. I like to keep up on what’s happening and I like to share.

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