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      Hey y’all!

      I’m setting out on a loose journey mid April till… I dunno, guess until I run out of cash. As such, I’m trying to camp as cheap as possible, dispersed sites whenever I can. Ill be starting off visiting Bentonville AR, going thru TN to visit Windrock park, and then rounding off my trip near Brevard NC. Any insight into camping spots would be greatly appreciated!


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      Near Brevard on the Blue Ridge Parkway there are hundreds of good spots.  The top of Black Balsam Knob is very popular for good reason.
      The treeless summit is just a mile up from the parking lot.  The tall grass makes for a soft bed.  When the weather is good the sunrise bakes the entire valley in a surreal orange glow.  The wind is always kicking so there are no bugs.


      When the weather is bad you’re exposed to lightning and the fog often makes it hard to see 20ft in front of your face.  So there’s that too.

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