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      Hi everyone, I am going to be taking a trip to Golden Colorado during the beginning of August. I’m meeting my friend there who is also a mountain biker and we wanted to hit up some trails for a few days when in town.

      I was looking for any good recommendations from locals or people who have visited there?

      We are both intermediate riders, all my normal rides are at sea level, but I have ridden at 7000 feet a few times. While I definitely felt the elevation in my legs, I was still able to put in big days and had tons of fun.

      Right now we’re looking at the areas around Buffalo Creek, Golden gate state park, and Hill Ranch.

      Anything else within an hour of golden would be much appreciated!

      We’re looking for mostly flowly scenic singletrack, a little bit of technical riding and climbing is okay.


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      Start with the trails at Green Mountain and then move on to Apex, Mt. Falcon, White Ranch, Centennial Cone, all good areas. MTB Project and Trail Forks have good maps.  Big Ring Cycles in town are great as well.

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        Awesome thanks!

        I’ll definitely check all those areas out on mountain bike project and YouTube. Centennial cone looks sweet.

        I think I’m going to rent a bike from Big Ring Cycles, so I’m glad to hear your recommendation. Thanks

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      I live “up the hill” in Evergreen.  Your choice depends on what kind of rider you are and your trail preferences.

      My preferences are trails with “good flow”.  Many of the trails right near Golden have significant climbing, and aren’t my preference.  Apex, for example, is pretty up/down.  The best “flow” trails are North Table Mountain,  Green Mountain (new Box o’ Rocks trail has a great new pump section).  Up the hill in Evergreen are a few good areas; Elk Meadow is decent, Aldefer/Three Sisters also; both of these have good climbs up to Evergreen Mtn and Bergen Peak.

      I do trail work out at Buff Creek (part of COMBA, the local IMBA chapter).  Buff Creek is HIGHLY recommended.  Almost all of the 70 miles have good flow, with good climbs with few sustained steep sections.  You can spend a few days out there (and camp) and ride most of it.  There are a few good loops there, like Little Scraggy CW and back on the Colorado Trail; and west on the 543 road, up Gashouse or Baldy, then to Charlies Cutoff, and back down on Sandy Wash  (14 miles or so for both loops).

      Also some trails in Summit County are good.

      You will have to check the weather (heat).  The upper elevation trails will be cooler.

      Good luck and have fun.

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