Recommendations for Los Angeles/Pasadena/even Malibu areas?

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      Hi all! It seems as though there are a number of places to ride in No. Cal, but what about the greater Los Angeles area? Thought I’d give riding a try as a cross-training sport and was hoping someone out there would have a recommendation or two for me.



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      Welcome to the ‘board.

      I dunno about riding in L.A., but for some reason scenes from GrandTheftAuto: San Andreas come to mind… 😃

      Anyhow, if you’re looking into cross-training with a bike, I suspect that if you’re a runner, you’ll find yourself biking far more often than running. 😉

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      I’m afraid that urban assault isn’t quite my style, but you’re right about the running.

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      Hey Irene, personally I not sure about the S Cal area either, and there doesnt seem to be much info here yet. Im sure as this site evolves and we get more members from that area that will change. I suggest spending a little time at one of your local bike shops, preferably one where they rent bikes as people renting will always have questions of ëwhere & whení, the people who work at these shops usually have an arsenal of local trail info. Have fun!

Viewing 3 reply threads

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