Rebuilding my 1998 Giant hard tail

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      It is a 3×7 so far I ordered Rock Shox XC30 tk crown adjust, I need to replace the crank the rings are worn out. The bottom bracket is a 68 BC 1.37 x 24 un 54, need a cassett, shifters, derailleur front and back. There is not much of a choice in the 3×7 should I go up to an 8 or 9? I bought this bike in 1998 for around 600.00 it is very light. I just want to go middle of the road on parts Sram or Shimano can anyone help?



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      So, what is your goal with this rebuild: Are you trying to restore this to its original spec or to just get the thing serviceable enough to ride again? It’s a very old bike and probably not worth the investment unless it’s for sentimental reasons.

      Even 8 speed parts are getting difficult to find, though you might find some on closeout online. 9spd parts are generally pretty affordable (say, SRAM X5 or even X7) but you may need a new bottom bracket to make it all work.

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      My goal is to make it better than it was with out breaking the bank. I have some down time because I crashed the bike only damage is both deraillers are bent. I hit a pole on the bay trail it was in the middle of a bridge at 5am, my light went out it was dark it was one of those poles they put in to keep vehicles from crossing the bridge.  I spent 9 days in the hospital I ended up with broken collarbone, 9 broken ribs, puncture lung,  bruised kidney and internal bleeding,  I have surgery on Wednesday to put a steel plate on the Collarbone with some screws so I will have the time to do it right, my Park Tool bike stand just came a couple of days ago. Thanks for the prompt response.  Rich

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      What model and year is the bike?

      It will help to know whether the cassette is thread on with integrated freehub, or the later and much more common slip on with retaining nut.

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