Rear tire never spins freely

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      Hi there,

      I have always worked on my own bikes and can usually fix whatever is wrong with them but the last couple of bikes I have worked on I can’t figure it out. On two different bikes that were practically brand new, I had to fix a flat on the rear tire. When I get all done, I put the tire back on, male sure the tire isn’t hitting the frame or the brakes, and that it is spinning freely. Well it keeps passing the first two tests but then it keeps dragging to stop like it is rubbing a brake pad. I triple check and make sure it isn’t, but the tire just stops spinning after a few rotations and stops like the brakes were hit. You can even feeling it you are riding the bike and it doesn’t coast as much. I’m guessing g it has to do with the rear hub but I’m not too experienced with that, nor do I know what I am doing wrong g while taking the tire off and back in to create this problem. Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance,


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      Very strange, that sounds frustrating. I assume you’re running disc brakes, and there’s not an obvious point in the rotation where the wheel is rubbing/slowing.

      What kind of rear axle are you running: quick release, or a thru axle? With a quick release there’s more of a chance that an overtight axle could be adding resistance and slowing the wheel.

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      If you’re certain nothing is rubbing like a bent rotor, then I would guess that the hub bearings are possibly going bad.

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      Was thinking the rotor as well.

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      It has always been on a tire that bolts in either side, not the quick release ones. I have had the problem with a disc brake one and a v brake set up.
      <p style=”text-align: left;”>The latest one was a brand new bike that had the bolts super tight. The wheel spun perfect. I took it off and put it back on making sure nothing was hitting and everything I got the bolt any where near snug, it would spin twice and come to a dead stop. I guess I’ll take a little more time and tryva few different adjustments in the hub/ bolts to see if I can find that free spinning again.</p>
      Thank you for the responses.


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      Here’s a point that rarely is examined… Bearing preload! Too tight and the bearing cannot move freely and the wheel will not spin properly. A side effect from too  much preload is destruction of the bearing itself in a short time.

      It is not always a failing bearing!

      1. dragging brake due to poor alignment.

      2. dragging brake cause a lever was operated with the wheel off the frame.

      3. improper bearing preload.

      4. dried, caked bearing grease.

      All are easy fixes! A bent rotor will be quite obvious and will likely need replaced.

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