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      Hey all, I have a Rocky Mountain ETSX-70 with a Vanilla rear shock. The rear shock seems to lose air during my ride. Is my shock shot or just in need of TLC, can anyone shed light on this subject

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      I’m no expert shock guy,although a damaged or dirty air canister could make your shock leak.Check out the April issue of mountain bike action magazine,there is a article on page 144 called "Air shock tune up".

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      I didn’t know that Fox made a Vanilla that took air. Regardless, if this a change in behavior for the shock, then it probably needs a rebuild. Check the manuals at Foxes website. For 2007 Fox says all rear shocks should come back every year for a rebuild. There are a few third party companies that will rebuild it for you also.
      What is the indication that you are losing air pressure? Shock pumps aren’t the most reliable way of checking pressure. They are the only thing I use, but I am not that finicky about air pressure in my shocks. You will lose some air volume to fill the pump hose to get a reading.

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