Rear Shock for Heavy Rider

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      Ok, I need help from the pros and technicians out there…

      I am heavy, like 250+ heavy. I have a 2018 nomad with an X2 (230×60). The X2 is great, but I do ride very aggressively and at the same time, climb a lot.

      I have my shock full volume spacers, full PSI and still climb at 40-50% sag and bottom out quite a bit on big hucks 6 ft+… I am looking to go to a coil. Any ideas of what best coil would be or any ideas on what to do with the shock?

      Help is very much appreciated.

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      You maybe want to try a 500 or 600lb spring. Springs are relatively cheap ($30 -$40), so you can play around a little without going broke. Here’s a good guide to get you started….explains a lot:

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      I think OP is using a Float X2 by the sound of things.

      A coil shock with a heavy spring may work – regardless a 500lb spring as suggested would be way too light. According to the shock set up chart here OP will need something like a 650-700lb spring.

      Bear in mind though pretty much any bike is going to bottom out on 6ft+ drops etc. but you certainly want to be more around 30% sag.

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      Just thinking about it too, most shocks are valved to work for a certain weight range. For example the higher your spring rate, the more you need to crank up your rebound damping to achieve the same rebound rate. The same is true of compression. Those damping settings only have a limited range and you’re probably on the edge/outside that range. You would probably benefit massively from a custom shock tune.

Viewing 3 reply threads

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