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      Hi my first post.

      I have a Sunn Shamann S2 with Rockshox Monarch R, yesterday on a climb with large roots the top rear shock bolt came off, I back tracked and found one part. as Sunn spare parts are hard to get hold on, does any of you know what I could replaced the bolt with? I presume you would like to know the length and diameter of the bolt, unfortunately I don’t have the whole bolt so I can’t tell you the full length but the diameter is 7.97 mm and I’m typing this at work so no access.
      I have only had two mountain bikes since I started before the Sunn, one hard tail and one full suspension and I have never had any problems with the rear shock and have never upgraded, so I have no experience in this area – not sure what to do.

      I would be grateful for any help.

      All the best, Rickard

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      That once happened to me and I was lucky enough to find a regular bolt as a temporary rear shock bolt. Also it might of been caused by improper rear shock bolt tightness or by ALOT of stress on the bolt. I’ll look around to see if I can find your bolt. You could probably get an approximate length by measuring the shock eye then going from there. Also what year is your bike from?


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      Hi Cavermatthew and thank you for taking time to read and answer my post.
      The bike is 2013 model, I have a bolt from my previous bike’ Float R shock the diameter is the same but as I don’t have the full length of the current one I’m afraid to use it and it seem to compress when I tighten the screw.


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      Most shock bolts come in a 6, 8, 10mm diameter. Sounds like you need an M8 x ???.

      The over all length of the bolt is not as important as long as you have enough threads to tighten up the lock nut without issue and not to much hanging out that your rip your leg open.

      As for over tightening the nut and compressing the shock eyelet, not really possible as there is an axle pin that runs right through the shock eyelets and should be a tight fit between the shock mounts on the bike.

      Shock mount Guide

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      Cavermatthew many thanks for your help, in regards to "over tightening the nut and compressing the shock eyelet", I was wondering that if the bolt is of the right length you could never over tightening the nut!!??
      Unfortunately I have never fitted a rear shock so I don’t know what to expect.

      best// Rickard

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      Problem solved (embarrassing), the linkage was threaded on one side so the bolt only needed to be screwed through.
      My last question would be how many other manufacturer are using this method? probably none.

      Slipfinger and Cavematthew, thank you.

      best, Rickard

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      Glad you’re all sorted!!

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