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      I have a shamano xtr rear shifter that intermittently slips when shifting from smaller cogs to bigger cogs. Shifting from large cogs to smaller works fine. Basically, when i push down on the thumb shift lever there is no resistance until the bottom. So instead of being able to shift down 4 gear sizes it only does 1, but after the thumb shift leaver returns to its resting state it will shift fine until it happens again.

      I took the little door off it so that I could look inside the shifter to figure out what is happening. It seems that sometimes the pawl is not engaging the ratchet gear. I put a little light oil on it when i got home so hopefully that will help.

      I hope this makes sense. Its kinda hard to explain.

      Any ideas on a fixing this? Has anyone ever taken apart a shifter? I am mechanically inclined, but I know small complicated parts like this usually don’t like being taken apart.

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      Thanks CP, i looked over the dérailleur just to be sure and all that stuff it fine. The problem is definitely in the shifter itself. Even though the shifters look practically new they are from the late 1990s. The issue is not terrible(yet anyways) and the bike is ridable, but i think i’ll keep an eye open for a good deal on a new shifter. The annoying thing is trying to find an 8-speed shamano shifter pod that is separate from the break lever.

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      I just picked up a set of 7 spd. Shimano triggers brand new for $30 a few months ago,8 speed ones may not be too much more.

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      I just bought a set of sram attack shifters for when my shimano shifter dies completely. I was looking for shimano stuff, but the only thing i found in 8 speed was either used(ebay) or shimano’s low level stuff. From what i have read the sram attack shifters are supposed to be pretty good and they were only $50 from

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      Sweet,good to have nice new backup parts for when the suspect one craps out.

      Yeah,the Shimano triggers I got were lower end but worked nicely compared to the grip shift crap I can’t stand,haha.

      Glad you got some backup shifters for that sweet bike man!

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