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      since I ended up getting the Hayes Prime Pro’s, I need to fix the old brakes. The rear caliper won’t release the rotor. It is an Elixir R. I’ve never had to bleed it. is it fixable? thanks

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      Sometimes, the dust from the pads and dirt will create a ring of crap around the piston, keeping it from retracting back into the caliper. You can resolve this issue by taking some Q-Tips and rubbing alcohol and cleaning around the piston until it’s clean again. Once that’s done, you can use a lever of some type, like a caliper travel block or a large flathead screwdriver with something between it and the piston(an old brake pad) and force it back into the caliper. If that was the problem, they should work as intended again.

      I’ve had to do it more than once on some Elixer brakes I’ve owned.

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