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      Greetings from greece! I am thinking of changing the rear hub on my hardtail. Cyrrently i run a joytech 10×135 qr one and i really like the novatec ones. Should i go for d792sb,712sb or d042sb? I dont plan on breaking the bank since i might buy a new bike on the next 1.5 years. Putting novatec aside, do you have any other recommendations?


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      There are some very reasonable prices and color choices as well. They are in every axle width/style, 28,32,36 spoke option. Driver choices are HG, XD or MicroSpline, take your choice.

      Novatech are notorious for driver faults and failure.

      Some folks have had trouble with Hope factory bearings, I have never had issue with the bearings, ever. I own 6 sets of Hope hubs and find the quality and price to be very good. The only upgrade is Onyx if I’m going to break the bank since no other hub offers zero lash engagement.

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