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      I was wondering if anyone has converted a hardtail with V-brakes to a rear disc. I have a older GT hardtail and was thinking about some new wheels and a Avid Juicy setup but am pulling my hair out trying to figure out if there is a adapter that is made to link up to the rear dropout to mount the brake in the first place. Any help would be much appreciated..

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      I put avid BB7 mechanicals on my 04 Fisher hard tail. There was an extra adapter I had to buy that was specific to Fisher that facilitates disc brake mounting on their hardtails. I would think there might be something for GTs as well but I don’t know off hand.

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      How old is the frame. Even some wally’s bikes come with IS disk brake mounts. The bracket will will come with the disk break kit. I think my Schwinn Mesa GSX had them.

      If you don’t have the IS disk break mounts, Brake Therapy makes a kit for conversions. All though, their stuff can be costy.

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