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      I have had my bike, bought slightly used, for about 10 months now. For a 3000.00 bike i would expect the shifting to be better or smoother. Always kinking and loud clangs when shift. My old bike had one simple barrel adjuster to fix it all. This shimano XT has screws and knobs and all sorts of crap with the shifter. I have tried adjusting using the bike manual, but it has done crap to help me, it made it worse. The local bike shop is not so keen about working on a bike i didn’t buy from them. I need some help adjusting my deraillur and how to get the noise level down. I have a 2003 Trek Fuel Ex 9 W/Shimano XT shifters and Deraillur.

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      Jeepmb, Your LBS should be able to assist you with that deraillur, as for the purchase of the bike, the damage is done. They can’t make that sale now, but any good retailer knows that it’s not going to be your last bike. They will still get the sale on any parts or accessories you’ll buy and should be glad to provide you with that ‘keep them coming back" service.
      If they can’t or won’t, take it somewhere else. In today’s market these guys have got to be hunger for consumers.
      Once you find a good place to take your bike, you won’t hesitate to take it in at the slightest annoying noise. 😉

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      IF you can’t get things lined up and shifting good, you might check to make sure your hanger isn’t bent. If it is, get a new one.

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      I agree with Prophet…Take it to your LBS and ask them to fix it…If they don’t want to, take it to the next one…I was talking to a neighbor who is training at a LBS as a mechanic…he was telling me how the shop would train him, but didn’t know when they’d be able to use him full time because people are getting to smart with the use of the internet. Case in point…The Fox Triad on my Stumpy had "stuck down" and needed to be rebuilt…I was able to go on line and download instructions from Fox and buy the rebuild kit…

      He said the old German dude that is training him is cursing the internet everyday…

      They should welcome your business…

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