rear derailleur keeps breaking

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      every bike i have ever had has had the rear derailleur completely bomb. i have never had problems with other parts. not even flat tires. i had to stop biking because of this and no mechanic has been able to tell me what i am doing wrong. every one i have had breaks on every bike i have had. any help would be appreciated.

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      A few questions have to be asked first to answer that.

      1. Who does the work on your bike, and are the stops correctly set?

      2. How heavy are you?

      3. What kind of bikes?

      4. Are you falling on it, is the hanger bent?

      5. Are you power shifting, when are you shifting to cause this?

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      If your a frequent rider dont be suprised that the rear brakes on you. That is the most delicate part of your bike and there are many variables on what could cause the damage. This is an ongoing problem in the mountain biking world. You can try a shorter cage but you may not be able to shift to your larger rear sprokets while on your largest front sproket. You also should check the alignment of the sprokets and the hanger to see if it is lining up with your cassett each time you ride. I hope these suggestions help.

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      I’m blown away that you have broken the rear D on every bike!! Have you stuffed the cage into the spokes on a RD with maladjusted limit screws??
      In all my years of racing roadies and mtb, the only things I have busted in drive train are chains and forcing an overshift, thus scrambling an XO shifter.
      The hanger is supposed to be the first fuse to blow if something takes a good whack. If your smacking it on obstacles, you may want to try the "shadow" format RDs from Shimano, they tuck it well out of the way.
      Maybe you should be a product tester.

      How can I convert my 1136 watt roadie sprint into better MTB climbing w/o giving up beer?

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