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      I have a Jamis X Trail 650 that has a Shimano acera rd-m360. Well I need to order a new one but it looks like no one sells them in the states. I can order it from China but don’t want to mess with that. Any one know either where to get one or another one that would be compatible for my bike . I’m new to mountain bike and I tried to look them up but was extremely confused. Any help would be much appreciated

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      I think it should be compatible with other same-speed Shimano derailleurs you can find.  The pull ratio is different on a SRAM so it won’t be compatible with your shifters.

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      Hi Drew88Z,

      It looks like you have a 7 or 8-speed road derailleur (meaning, it works with either 7 or 8 cogs in the cassette). Any 7/8 speed Shimano road derailleur should work as a replacement.

      Alternatively, you could mount up a Shimano MTM derailleur, like the Acera M360.

      The main difference between the two is that the cable tension on a road derailleur is adjusted on the derailleur body, and with the MTB version it’s adjusted at the shift lever. To run a shifter designed for use with a road shifter with an MTB derailleur you would need to install an in-line cable tension adjuster — or an mtb shift lever. This is an in-line cable tension adjuster:

      I used Amazon links because I live in the EU and figured you wouldn’t want a bunch of info in Italian, nor to wait for my VPN.

      Please ping for clarification, or to let everyone know how the swap went.



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