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    I just got a new 2016 Trek Top Fuel 9.9. It’s a huge upgrade from my 2013 Epic. The problem is going to from a 2×10 with lots of climbing ability to a 1×11 without that range. The cassette is a Shimano XTR with a 11-40 tooth range. The 40 tooth isn’t enough for this old fat guy to climb. Anyone know how hard it is to swap it out for one with at least a 42-44 tooth creeper gear?


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    Have a read on this page —->

    I’ve installed WolfTooth with no problems, and I’m far from a pro mechanic.

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      Thanks. I’ll look into it.

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      Shimano makes a 46 tooth cassette.  You will need to lengthen your chain.  Smaller chain ring would work . You may need to shorten chain.  Smaller chain ring will have more impact on suspension . A touch more kickback and anti-squat.


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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Another option that might be cheaper is to put a smaller chain ring on the front.</p>

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    Yeah, the smaller chainring on the front is the easier/cheaper option. Your bike probably came with a 32, and you can go down to a 30 or even a 28.

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    Have you considered converting to the Sram Eagle NX  drivetrain with an 11-50 cassette.   You would need a new shifter, derailleur, cassette, and maybe a new chainring.   Eagle NX is not expensive.

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    My favorite 11 speed cassette for converting 2/3x to 1x is e*thirteen’s TRS cassette.  It has cogs from 9 to 46 (511% range), so you can run a smaller chain ring, maintaining some ground clearance.  But I think it’s still only available as an XD.

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