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      So I went for a ride last night, and had two bikes on my 3 bike rack. I’m not sure what happened, but when I got home and took the bikes off, my rear break was off and one side was rubbing on the rim.

      Something is off, and I’m not sure when I look at it. Admittedly I don’t have very much mechanical skill, so I feel kind of dumb right now. It’s probably and easy fix.

      Does anyone have any recommendations or specific things I should check out to see what the problem is?

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      Define "off" .. Like off of the bike?

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      Well as maddslacker stated, it’s kinda hard to tell what you mean by "off". However Park Tool’s website has some great info on the situation of V-brakes (along with much other stuff, so check that out too). The link below is kinda a walk through on V-Brakes. Hope this helps, and don’t be afraid to ask more questions, just be as thorough as possible for better answers.

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      my bad…

      More specifically, the left brake pad is rubbing against the rim. So when I squeeze the brake lever, the right pad enages as normal, but there is no movement from the left because it is already against the rim.

      Something got knocked out of whack when on the rack it seems. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

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      There are spring tension/centering screws at the base of each v-brake arm, tightening one draws that brake arm away from the rim, loosening it lets it go closer…if that makes sense.

      See the illustration below:


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      sounds like you may have knocked one of the spring arms out of place.

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      I would have to agree with Golden Goose. That is more than likely the case.

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      Wow, it has a name and is called a noodle?

      For me, it’s been "that tube thingy" as I tune the wife and kids bikes. No noodles on mine…

      Why not macaroni? more specific to the shape… 😛
      (nice pic, slacker, learn something new every day…)

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      "Xerien" wrote

      Why not macaroni? more specific to the shape… 😛
      (nice pic, slacker, learn something new every day…)

      Because Tullio Campagnolo didn’t name it 😉

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      Fixed it! One of the arms was out of place. Thanks everyone.

      I think I really need to take a class on bike maintenance. My riding skills are good, but if something goes wrong on the trail, I’m screwed.

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