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      Any thoughts on what cold be causing the rear derailuir to shift gears on steep climbs? I ride a fairly new Opus Artemis. The rear derail is a Shimano deore LX. This only happens when I’m in the smallest chain ring and 3rd largest cog. Shifing is great even in these gears. Just wants to shift when power is increased on long climbs.

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      While you are looking at the bike take a look at the derailleur hanger itself they tend to bend a bit .. If its bent slightly it could be the cause ….Also make sure that the inner shifting plate on the front is not touching the chain

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      Could be some cable stretch that is in need of a slight barrel adjustment if you say the bike is fairly new.Is it actually shifting gears or is just trying or acting like it wants to shift?

Viewing 2 reply threads

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