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      Hello all,

      This is my first post. I am looking into buying my first real mountain bike. Everyone tells me in AZ I need a full suspension bike. I get a corporate discount with Raleigh but I can’t find any good info on their bikes. Anyone own a Kodiak 1 or Kodiak 2. Are they good bikes? I can get either one for under $1k new. Anything else that’s better at this price point? Thanks!

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      I haven’t ridden the Kodiak, but looking at the parts spec I say go for the Kodiak 2 since it bumps the drivetrain up to SRAM NX over the Shimano Acera group. I recently tested a bike with an NX drivetrain and it works great. The rest of the parts spec on the Kodiak 2 looks good and you shouldn’t need to upgrade anything right away. Just replace stuff as it wears out!

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        Whether or not getting a full suspension for your first bike is the best move varies from person to person, and it’s pretty much impossible to tell before you do it.

        That said, the Kodiak is a very simple single pivot, and not  hardly in league with today’s better full suspension bikes.  So if you’re taking advantage of a Raleigh-specific connection, my best  thought is that you would indeed fare better with a hardtail.

        Ray seems to make sense in suggesting the Tokul 4130.  It is a very beginner-friendly bike that will also grow with you.  I’m a big fan of the 27.5+ format and like a good 27.4+ bike, the Tokul 4130 retains good maneuverability while the wider tires provide additional confidence and even a little extra cush (also reducing the “need” for suspension).  The wide tires are also especially helpful in sand, something I suspect you have plenty of in Arizona.  Personally, I’d probably have a blast on a Tokul 4130 on most of the AZ trails I’ve ridden.

        Beware, though, it is a heavy beast.  but that’s what you get at that price point.  Heavy as it is, I’m sure it’s lighter than a Kodiak, so again, you’d be better off with the Tokul 4130.    If you’re not sold on the wider tires, other Tokul model hardtails come in regular widths and will save some weight.


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      @Dwoith72 “Everyone tells me in AZ I need a full suspension bike. I get a corporate discount with Raleigh but I can’t find any good info on their bikes.”

      Nobody including your Arizona “friends” needs a full suspension bike. Especially anyone’s first real mountain bike. You will have far less hassle, get a better spec’d bike and learn to ride better with a hard tail over a full suspension rig. I ride both, but I’ve been mountain biking for 30 years and kinda know what I like at this point.

      I agree with Jeff above regarding Kodiak 2. Spring for the “2” model if you have to have (you don’t) a full suspension bike from Raleigh. However, if you can get a deal on one of these, the Tokul 4130 or even the Tokul 3 then buy it. This bike will out ride the Kodiak by a long shot, is way more durable and has a nicer spec. Better looking too, IMHO. Party.

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      I’m also a new comer to the sport so to add to some peer insight to Raymond’s suggestion, I bought a hard tail. Out the gate, I wasn’t sure I would like mountain biking enough and thought I should get something on the lower end. I ended up with a Diamondback Line and I have to say I’ve had a ton of fun on it. I’ve since upgraded the drive train because the stock one dropped the chain constantly.  I plan to continue riding it for a while before I go get a full suspension bike, and even then I’ll keep this one around I’m sure. Turns out I love this stuff but if I had it to do again, I probably would make the same choice, but gotten a better equipped hard tail to start with. I’m going to need a new fork soon, and I’d like to add a dropper seat post, and there’s no substitute to a good drivetrain.

      The main advantage I have on my hard tail over my FS buddies is in the climbing. I often find myself at the top waiting for them, which means I get a longer break. I’m in Southern California’s high desert so I get the opportunity to climb. a lot.

      Good luck with your decision.


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      Thanks for all the replied everyone! I found out I also have a discount with Diamondback and after discovering that Raleigh has NOTHING in stock in size XL… No Tokul 4130, no Tokul 3 no Kodiak 2. So, now I am looking at the Diamondback Sync’r. I talked to one of the guys at Performance Bikes and he said being 6’3″ I should really be looking at 29″ bikes not the sync’r which is 27.5″ Any input on this?

      Maybe this should be a new thread but I have found plenty of reviews on the Sync’r Pro but non on the standard Sync’r any input on this bike?

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        Your height doesn’t automatically mean you should be on a 29er.  Depending on what/where you want to ride and what riding characteristics you prefer, 27.5 or 29 may be best, assuming the bike is sized right.  In general, 27.5 will be better for tight, technical terrain and 29 will be better for more open, flowing terrain, even at your height.  If you have the opportunity, get a test ride on both formats.

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