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      I am in the market for a hardtail bike that I can ride aggressively and has the new school geometry.  This bike will be 100% about fun.  When I ride this bike I want the bike to constantly encourage me to jump everything and take corners a little faster each time.  I want the little devil on my shoulder saying “you can clear that”, “don’t brake yet”.

      I am currently riding a Felt DD70 and that was going to be my only bike (N+1) but the more I ride it the faster I go and the limitations of such a heavy bike and the geometry are becoming more apparent.  It’s hard to float the front end over stuff and it must be wrestled back and forth as you change directions.  The bottom bracket width means I hit my pedals alot when I want to crank through tighter corners and I must pay attention to when my foot is down on what side to clear obstacle on climbls.  The trails around here are a mix of XC, downhill and tight techy stuff.  I plan to do some driving this year to discover other playgrounds and I would like a new toy to do it with.  This means the bike I get must be capable in all areas and I have narrowed it down to 2 bikes.  Contenders are the Nukeproof Scout 275 Comp or Ragley Blue Pig and I am stuck on the fence. I have no place to go see these in the flesh to make an informed decision so I am asking for help.

      I am drawn toward both bikes because I think the geometry of both will encourage me to attack every feature of a trail.  The way I see it the Scout maybe has the edge with the plus tires and being a more capable and comfortable all around bike?  It seems it would fare better if I decided to bikepack with it or when it starts to got sloppy, but that would account for about 1% of the usage  The Blue Pig may be the more aggressive bike and that means the fun factor should be higher, but I don’t believe it can run big plus tires.  I am not sure how big a tire it will take.

      So here are my questions to those who are familiar with either of these bikes:

      What do you like about each one?

      What differences would stand out riding them back to back?

      Does the plus tire change the flavor of a hardtail enough to make it a factor in this decision?  Do I just like the idea of plus because I am coming from fat?

      Is there another option in my price range?

      If it was your money which way would you go and more importantly why?


      Thanks in advance



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      I don’t have any experience with either bike, but I appreciate your sentiment. I have a Kona Honzo, and currently it is my only mountain bike. I go through a different FS bike each year, but the Honzo sticks around because it is too much damn fun. Great deals on new and used models. There’s steel, aluminum and carbon frames, 29″ or 27.5 plus. Also, you could look at the Instigator if you want 27.5 wheels. Mine is a steel 29er and I love it, it gets more ride time than any other mountain bike I’ve ever had.

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      When I was shopping for a new bike I heavily considered the Nukeproof scout and Ragley mmmbop (pretty much the aluminum version of the bluepig,) but I eventually ended up on an Orange crush. I’ve been hammering on the crush for about 3 1/2 months now and it’s been everything I wanted in a hardtail. It’s a little bit more expensive than what you’re looking at, around $2,100 for the cheapest “s” build that I’ve got, but it’s a very well equipped bike for the price. So far it’s taken everything I’ve thrown at it, including two days at a shuttled bike park, and has had no real issues besides needing to replace the crappy brake rotors.

      If you live in the U.S. it can be hard to get an Orange, but you can order one from here, or do what I did and ask your local bike shop, they may be able to get one straight from Orange. Orange has now rolled out the 2018 crush, which is even better value than the 2017 that I have, as it now comes with a 150mm dropper post for the same price. It also has a Rockshox Revelation fork, rather than the Yari, and I have no idea if one is any better than the other.

      Between the two you’ve chosen I think I’d go with the bluepig, just for the extra travel, but if it’s in your budget I highly recommend the crush.

      If you have any questions about the crush I’d be happy to answer them. Good luck on your purchasing decision, and congrats on your impending entry into the cult of the hardcore hardtail!

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      I considered an Orange but I was looking at the P7.  I am not sure what the differences are.  Other bikes were the Commencal Meta HT, but it said preorder on the website and I have no patience.  A steel hardtail is kind of like blue jeans huh, always cool.

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        As far as I can tell the only difference between the p7 and the crush is that the p7 is steel and the crush is aluminum. And if you’re running out of patience then you probably shouldn’t look at Orange, it took about 2 1/2 weeks for mine to arrive.

        And yeah, steel hardtails rule; I might’ve gotten one if I lived somewhere less humid.

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      Norco Torrent HT

      RSD Sergeant

      Commencal Meta HT

      Santa Cruz Chameleon

      NS Bikes Djambo

      I would say the Commencal Meta and the Norco Torrent HT are the top choices. My next bike will most likely be the Norco Torrent HT since the Canadian Commencal dealer is terrible and I’m not willing to help him make money.

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