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      Does anyone know if rack adapters can be used with a dropper post?  Thanks.

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      Personally, I wouldn’t.  In fact, the fine print on the dropper posts I’ve had state not to use the dropper for mounting to a bike stand.  I would consider mountain on a static bike stand is less stressful than attaching a rack adapter and then hanging the bike on a rack and driving around.  I may be wrong… just my opinion.

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      I suspect fredcook is correct, and it’s something I’ve often thought about with my adapter and dropper post. For me, at the moment, it’s either that or don’t ride trails, which obviously is not an option. So I use an adapter like the one pictured in the original post and have been lucky enough to have not had any issues so far.

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      I doubt any of that (adapter or repair stand) beats up the seat post more then your own butt does, I wouldn’t have a problem with it on shorter smooth drives. I think it’s just a general disclaimer from the manufacturers to avoid warranties for stupid stuff.  That said; tray style racks are much more secure and easier to use, just spendy. But if that’s your only option I would use it and not think twice about it.

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      When I rented two bikes from The Hub in Pisgah, they loan you this style rack adaptor with each of your rentals. They didn’t seem too worried about its application to the bike’s dropper post. This was with my friend’s rack on his Toyota. And with his own bike, he just angles the bike frame to fit without an adapter. The Hub seemed to frown on this, and then loaned us the adapters. Personally, I would not utilize this method with my own bikes. I prefer rack styles that secure the bike by the rubber on the wheels, even though this solution is usually more costly. Hope this info helps.

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      Bumping this older thread… Regarding hanging the bikes from a dropper post.

      I have a platform hitch rack for transport, but do use a traditional seat post clamp repair stand.  Until recently, I had been hanging my bike using the frame, and taking the time to pad the clamp with a rag.  I got a little lazy a few times now, and just used the dropper post.  Low and behold… the dropper is now getting loose.  Specifically, it now extends partially when I put it on the stand with the weight of the bike on it.  There is also a little rotating play (less than a 1/4″ at the nose of the seat).  Not noticeable while riding, but it’s there.  Fortunately, the seat doesn’t drop unexpectedly, and when it extends from hanging, it does drop back down to where I had it set to and locks into place.  When I lift the bike by gripping the dropper, it extends to some extent.  It didn’t do this from the unset, so I assume it’s doing it now because I did hang the bike using the seat post.  For reference, I have a Reverb post.   As I mentioned in an earlier post, the Reverb’s docs did say not to hang the bike using the post.  Silly me.  No damage rendering the post unusable, but going forward, not gonna hang it from the post anymore.

      So, to the coolskeez’s question… no, I would not do it.

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      I’ve been using a rack adapter with dropper post bikes for 3 years.  Lots of bikes, lots of miles, and no problems.

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      FredCook, I’m curious…when you were hanging the bike from your dropper post, was the post partially compressed? I would suggest anyone using a rack adapter with a dropper post or hanging a bike from the dropper post to make sure the post is fully extended.

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