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      Hi all,

      Looking for tips and tricks to get a extremely stubborn Turbine Cinch drive side crank off to swap chainrings (recently moved to a new area with a LOT more climbing). Problem is, the bolt won’t move. I’ve tried tying the crankset down, laid the bike on the floor, hammering, even a torque wrench to try to get this 8mm keyed-bolt off, but the bolt hasn’t moved.

      My concern is the last shop I took it to slightly stripped the bolt and I’m really afraid I won’t be able to get the crank off at all if this bolt gets completely stripped (plus, parts/replacement cranks are hard to come by for a decent price)

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      Try a little persuasion with a long arm hex wrench.

      Here’s the changeup… Insert the wrench completely. Tap it in with a kitchen hammer gently. Now, while keeping tension on the wrench, the kitchen hammer. Tap on the wrench while applying force to the wrench. Next would be heat…


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      Stupid question, have you already loosened the lock ring (I think it’s 12 or 14mm)? Just asking because the 8mm bolt should not be that tight…

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        EDIT to previous post: the lock ring is 16mm. There are adapters available, or you can use a 16mm bolt head with two nuts backed against each other as a tool for it.

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      Crank arm is removed with the ring in place as it acts as a puller when the fixing bolt is loosened.

      Non drive side requires a 16mm hex, drive side requires 8mm hex.

      Successfully removing the drive side arm is done by fully inserting the hex wrench into the center fixing bolt hole. Less than full insertion all but guarantees damaging the bolt to the point that removal will be an invasive surgery.

      Replacement fixing bolts are available  though loco bike shops and also reputable online shops.

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