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      So I just got a 2015 Specialized Pitch 650b, the one with mechanical brakes. I feel like a single chain ring will be more simple and will save weight. I think a Race Face Narrow Wide 30t ring will work fine. Will I have to disassemble the bottom bracket to install it? I also heard that I need a clutch derailleur for a single ring setup. Does my bike have one of those?

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      A clutch derailleur is the shadow plus shimano version
      You can tell if there is lever on the derailed
      You can lose a pound of weight going to a single up front
      it is the way to go

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      First of all, you can safely ignore anyone that tells you that "it’s the way to go" without asking you anything about your riding habits. For many people, losing the granny is not "the way to go" and causes them to hate riding. Decide whether losing the equivalent of a big mac and fries is worth not having the easy-go gear when you’re tired or hiking up a grade you can’t pedal up in a taller gear.

      Now, to your second issue: If this is your bike, you have your work cut out for you. You have an 8 speed chain, a non-clutch rear derailleur and what looks like a crankset with riveted rings. Even if you managed to find a ring that would bolt up to the crankset, you would still be trying to run a wider 8 speed chain on it, which would cause all kinds of problems with retention.

      You’d be looking at a new cassette, rear derailleur, shifter pod and chain at the minimum, and most likely the crankset as well.

      I’m not trying to talk you out of doing it. Simply letting you know it will require more than throwing a narrow-wide ring at the bike and going for a ride.

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      I disagree schwim, I know many riders including new riders that love the simplicity light weight and reduced clutter on the bike. With a 30 tooth nw and a 36 or 42 tall gear that will do anything any granny will, with flexibility of increasing front chainring as a rider becomes stronger in the hills
      Don’t make it complicated and yes if are not sure of your mech ability see a shop

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