Quick Release Won’t Stay in the Dropout.

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      When I put in the wheel on my 1999 gt xcr-3000 at regular QR tightness it comes out of the dropouts on the first brake. If I crank it down to the point where I can barely undo it lasts 1-7 rides without coming out. But I always eventually does. When I inspect it it doesn’t look like it’s shifted at all. Keep in mind that that bike didn’t come with discs on it. Are the brakes I got on it to strong? I have 160mm hydraulic disc brakes on it. On the internet I’ve also seen the same bike with bigger brakes on it. I do have an adapter that reaches down to the dropouts. I know it’s shifted because I have bigger tires on my bike and even the smallest shift can cause the tire to rub against the rear triangle.


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      Can we see some pics of the skewer and brake setup? I’m having problems tracking what you’re explaining.

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      https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/your … 9781923312

      This is the setup. The wheel shifts it the dropouts, even though it’s on TIGHT. I’m worried it might be the power of the brakes trying to pull it out.

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      I unfortuntely can’t see any details in that particular photo but can tell you that there are no disk brakes too powerful for QR9 axles. I’ve run 210 MM rotors with twin piston calipers on downhill runs on my Fuji which runs the same axles without ever having an issue.

      Not being able to see your particular brake setup or skewer, I can’t even hazard a guess that would be of any value.

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      Both the links result in an error from Google:

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      Try now

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      Ok, here’s my best guess, having never used that setup.

      The location of the caliper is causing your issue, I think. If you look at standard disc setups, the caliper sits above and to the front of the axle. When clamping, the centrifugal force of the rotating wheel pushes up on the axle. In your setup, to the rear and above the axle, when the brake is clamped, the same force in action pulls down on the axle, which is causing it to eventually exit the dropouts.

      I was originally going to suggest a skewer with more aggressive teeth on the mating surface, but to be completely honest, I wouldn’t trust my well being to that particular brake setup. I’d rather use rim brakes.

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      Is there any easy and cheap way to fix that without converting back to rim brakes.

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      I’m sorry to say that I do not. Perhaps someone with more knowledge of that conversion will drop in with some suggestions.

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      You could try using a skewer that tightens with an Allen key instead of a qr

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      I realized what is happening a week ago and I don’t think I can fix it. It is very complicated and very irregular so I don’t think you guys can help. I’m going to keep trying to fix it but if I haven’t by winter I am going to buy a used frame and switch all the parts over.

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