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      Hey all…I was just wondering if there is a company out there that makes a quick release for pedals.  I would like to swap out pedals between riding and working on MTB skills without having to unscrew them all the time.  If there was a quick release similar to that used on air compressor tools or an impact drill it would make the swap out that much quicker.

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      Invent it and sell it to Crank Bros. for a million bucks.

      I’ll take $20 for giving you the idea 🙂

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      I agree, swapping pedals sucks, and I have the scars on my knuckles to prove it.

      Using a quick release system like the one on air hoses is an interesting idea. Those connections are generally designed to allow rotation, so maybe the bearings move into the crank arms instead of on the pedal spindle.

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      Unfortunately, you’re not going to get rich off the idea as they do already exist:



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      Ah, I like that design! Too bad it doesn’t look like it ever caught on.

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      I kinda figured someone would have tried it.

      It’s unforunate it never took off. Maybe if Shimano, Crank Bros., or some other major bicycle component manufacturer gave it a whirl they could perfect the idea.

      Thanks for the replies!

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